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WIP-Wednesday: Halfway through!

Hey folks!

I am superbusy at the moment with work, presentations and French (my oral exam is next week and I still have TONS of vocabulary to learn …), but since it’s still WIP-Wednesday (for 8 more minutes, at last), I wanted to give you a quick update on granddad’s shawl!

Roter Schal 02

I don’t know about you, but last week was really, REALLY hot here in Germany … We had over 30 degrees (unusual) and since I don’t take too well to heat … But as you can see, knitting still happened!

Roter Schal 03

This was done mostly on the balcony … our lavender is blooming, as are the wildflowers we planted (gosh, that sure reads like an oxymoron …) and the sage and the petunias are, too! I love it … We have so many bees and bumble bees, it’s wonderful (we picked the sage and the lavender especially because bees like these plants. Save the bees!). I even saw a hummingbird hawkmoth last Saturday!

I am a bit worried that I might not make it in time and granddad will get his scarf too late – but last Sunday, my family was here (for the “Thanks for helping with renovating and moving!” dinner – we’re only 9 months late …) and gran said, maybe 5 repeats would be enough, because I wouldn’t want to knit the scarf too broad.

We’ll see how it goes, right? 😉


Take care!
Lots of love!

Julia 😀

3 thoughts on “WIP-Wednesday: Halfway through!

    • And I shouldn’t complain probably – it gets way hotter in NZ! Thanks for the encouragement! I can only knit in the evenings right now, but I AM determined! 🙂

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