A Spec(k)tacular Hat! (With a truly? spectacular premiere!)

Technically, I am busy enough right now – with granddad’s scarf on the go (I am finally binding off and have to be done by tomorrow) and Rabbit (who still sits in Frankenstein mode) on the needles. Oh, and the socks for E. They are not done yet either, but I want to give them to her next week. Because, apparently, I don’t have enough on my plate as it is.


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Ah, what the Heck …

Okay, y’all. I don’t care.

I don’t care that my stash is overflowing, that I have now 111 entries on my stash page and that I could probably knit for more than a year if I wasn’t allowed to buy yarn until 2017…

I had to buy some wool.

Sock wool, to be precise. I had seen the yarn on Cassy’s blog in action, and that reminded me that I wanted that yarn.

What yarn? This one:

Regia Design Line Arne & Carlos 01

Now, I know it doesn’t look like much – but look how it knits up!

Like Cassy, I bought the Fall Night colourway, and I am lusting after Summer Night and Twilight.

I already know what to do with this: I’m gonna knit myself socks, as high as I can get. I already checked out some patterns for knee socks on ravelry and I am really looking forward to casting on! Maybe I’m gonna knit the socks in the fall … Summer knit (the colourway Cassy is knitting herself socks with right now) would make a great stockinette shawl in my opinion. I am already thinking about getting more … Precioussss ….

Regia Design Line Arne & Carlos 02

To top it off, I still have that gift certificate my boss-boss gave me for my birthday, and I plan on spending a bit of it on Micro Classic (ravelry link). Yes, it’s 100% micro fiber, but my gran made me a sweater out of it a couple of years ago, and it’s warm and still keeps its shape and it can be thrown into the washing mashine with no problem … It’s great. Yardage is 260m per 100 grams, and it’s on sale for (brace yourself!) 1,49€ right now (that’s 1,65 US $). Love it!

I already found a pattern for it: I plan to knit Margot with it, a simple sweater, which will be chocolate brown, a colour that suits me. 🙂 I already did the math, and even with that-extra-ball-you-shall-always-buy-for-swatching, I will have material costs of 7,45€. If that doesn’t scream bargain! I don’t know what does.

There is other beautiful stuff right now as well in the shop … A great DK weight yarn, for example, 100% cotton … But winter is coming (TM?) and I’ll rather check out the winter collection before making too hasty decisions. Also, there might be some new Opal yarns coming along …

…. Raaaaaaaaawwwwrrrrrr …..

P.S.: As Philipp was proofreading the blog entry, he looked at me and said: “You could knit for MORE than a year …” Pff. MUGGLES.

Gran’s Stash (Pictures. Loads of Pictures).

At the beginning of the year, I pulled out all of my stash. I also mentioned that I had some yarn my gran had given to me and had mentioned that she had said that we’d get out her stash someday to sort it out and that “we do that when granddad isn’t home”.

Omas Stash 01

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A Blog Award! For me!

Hi all!

Liebster Blog Award

About 3 weeks ago, I received a “Liebster Blog Award” from asuka! She blogs on Nadelspielereien about her cross stitching projects (which are not always cross stitching), her knitting, crafting and everything else. asuka is a very intelligent, funny woman who gets a LOT done (that’s even more awesome because she’s got 3 kids and every mother  knows – I can only imagine, of course – how busy you are) and (almost?) finished her Master’s Degree recently! Give her a request for a project and she. gets. it. done. Plus: She’s a librarian. HOW COOL CAN YOU GET?!?

In her nomination, she counted me among her “new heroes”, wich makes receiving the award even more flattering (blushes).

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WIP-Wednesday: Halfway through!

Hey folks!

I am superbusy at the moment with work, presentations and French (my oral exam is next week and I still have TONS of vocabulary to learn …), but since it’s still WIP-Wednesday (for 8 more minutes, at last), I wanted to give you a quick update on granddad’s shawl!

Roter Schal 02

I don’t know about you, but last week was really, REALLY hot here in Germany … We had over 30 degrees (unusual) and since I don’t take too well to heat … But as you can see, knitting still happened!

Roter Schal 03

This was done mostly on the balcony … our lavender is blooming, as are the wildflowers we planted (gosh, that sure reads like an oxymoron …) and the sage and the petunias are, too! I love it … We have so many bees and bumble bees, it’s wonderful (we picked the sage and the lavender especially because bees like these plants. Save the bees!). I even saw a hummingbird hawkmoth last Saturday!

I am a bit worried that I might not make it in time and granddad will get his scarf too late – but last Sunday, my family was here (for the “Thanks for helping with renovating and moving!” dinner – we’re only 9 months late …) and gran said, maybe 5 repeats would be enough, because I wouldn’t want to knit the scarf too broad.

We’ll see how it goes, right? 😉


Take care!
Lots of love!

Julia 😀