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Preparing for presents

Hi all!

Knitting for others seems to come more natural to me than knitting for myself. I do not know why that is – I could probably dive into some deep-psychological explanation that maybe, there is something wrong with my self-esteem and that my frequent knitting for others shows that I value them more than myself …

… and maybe it’s just because I love giving gifts. 😉

Meilenweit_blau_01Ficolana arwetta classic






These two balls (or rather: These five balls …) are the base for two presents I am working on right now:

A pair of socks for E and a scarf for my granddad.

E is my best friend. We have known each other for about five years(?) now, and she is an amazing woman, spiritual, calm, but also energetic, hardworking, trustworthy, honest, funny and wise. She’s got a heart of gold and during her last visit, I asked whether she’d like a second pair of socks. I almost got her sold on this pair:

Love Story 01

But then, her eyes fell on the blue yarn, and she almost dropped the coloured ball in awe. 😉


Although I wanted to knit cabled socks, the cables didn’t show (the yarn is hued, but a bit variegated as well), I decided on this pattern:

Flechtsocken 01
This is the Flechtsocken pattern by Simi67 (click to get to the ravelry) link – and she generously made it available for all kinds of sizes (from 52 to 72 sts, I think). It’s really easy, although I have to shift stitches around, because purling between two needles causes ladders for me (don’t rub it in, please).

Ficolana arwetta classic

The red yarn (as I said in my last posting) will be knit up into a scarf for my granddad. So far it is going great, although I had to do the cast on and the three following rows (it’s a tubular cast on) thrice. It takes ages to knit over 400sts (452, to be precise) each row, but somehow, I find the rhythm between knitting/purling and slipping stitches soothing. The yarn is beautiful to work with: Soft, but sturdy. It is a bit bright, but I hope he will like it:

roter Schal 01
Because I certainly do.


See you soon, friends! Take care!

Julia 😀


6 thoughts on “Preparing for presents

  1. Me too on the knitting front. I’ve gotten so bad that I make something for myself as intended recipient but, either end up giving it away because it’s coveted or because it fits another better. That must REALLY say something about my self-esteem.

    • I think it depends. If you knit something for yourself and then halfway get negative thoughts about how the item will suit you … That’s sad. But if you find that, for some reason, you imagine somebody else wearing the item frequently and you know that said person will love it and then decide to give it away … That’s different (at least for me).

      I have done both and ususally, I have been fine with it. I occasionally need Philipp’s prodding (no, THIS IS FOR YOU), and I always make the “rule” to knit more for myself … but somehow, I end up at 50/50 (or 60/40) each year. 😉

      When I go on a large buying spree (like the supermassive stash haul), where I buy lots of yarn for future presents, there is at least ONE thing that’s for me – and for me alone. That works so far and I am mostly fine. 😉 The bad conscience is linked to my tight budget. 😉 Happy knitting!

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