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Supermassive Stash Haul

Hi folks! 🙂

I made a haul … Want to take a look?

Supermassive Stash Haul 01

Because my granddad’s birthday is at the end of July, I want to knit him something. Since he’ll spend two weeks at the North Sea (together with my gran and my parents), I want to knit him a scarf. I chose “Henry”, a knitty pattern from 2007, which will make a great, elegant scarf … But more about that later.

Because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in my hometown, I decided that now was the time to visit Tinkus’ Strickparadies in Dortmund.  Now, Tinkus is … awesome. Really awesome. The owner is really nice and helpful, finds the perfect balance between advising, chatting and letting you browse on your own. The shop carries amazing yarn and they even have two cats!

As soon as Mrs Tinkus (whose name isn’t actually Tinkus) knew what I needed, she suggested this:

Ficolana arwetta classic

This is Filcolana arwetta classic, a 4-ply Merino/nylon mix. It’s soft, but can be thrown into the washing machine at 30°C without any problems – very practical! I bought 200 grams.

While I was at it, I decided to avoid last Christmas’ knitting-horror-marathon and do some Christmas shopping as well.

Regia Fluormania

Isn’t this great? Of course you all know who this is for: Little M. 😀 She is gonna be a school child after this summer (gosh! Time flies!) and she’ll get a pair of socks out of it. Or maybe a scarf. Or a wingspan … I have to think of something good. (If this doesn’t get me the award for being “best aunt ever”, I don’t know what will. I hate pink.)

Zitron Trekking XXL purpur

This beauty is for Little M.’s gran – so far, she has loved all the socks (and shawls) I have knit her and she takes great care of them. Totally knitworthy!!! I do not know what I’ll knit for her this year (probably socks), but picking a pattern will be fun! 🙂

Ladies and Gentleman

Little M.’s mum will get another pair of socks as well this year. She’s got bigger feet (which isn’t her fault of cause) so that will take longer – but at least I can start early now! She learned how to knit the year before last, I think, and last Christmas, she sounded a bit disappointed when we got her wool and I didn’t knit her something. This year, that will change. I only hope she loves green …

Opal Schafpate Flocke

This is gonna be another pair of socks for Philipp! Truth be told, he picked something in gray and black first … but I whinced and then he chose this ball! This is “Flocke” of the “Opal Schafpate” collection, really beautiful. I am really looking forward to knitting this up!

And last but not least …


I got a little something for myself. I have lusted after “Holst Garn” for a while now and have heard lots of praise for it at my knitting group … Now I’ll be able to check it out myself! (truth be told, that’s why I wanted to visit Tinkus in the first place …)


This is is the “Supersoft” yarn, in the colourways “Pussy Willow”, “Geranium” and “Calypso” (that’s the green one). I’m not really good at picking colour combinations, but I love this one, it reminds me of strawberries and of really romantic sceneries … I have plans to make a Luna shawlette for me with this. 🙂

Supermassive Stash Haul

All in all, this was some massive haul … 750g! A Supermassive Stash haul, to be true. Sorry Muse. But I nailed it.


Take care, folks! See you soon! Enjoy your weekend! 😀

P.S.:A big THANK YOU to everybody who kept their fingers crossed / thumbs pressed ( 😉 ) for me. I had applied for a job at my professor’s department and had had my job interview last Monday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen – somebody else will get the job. We’ll see how it goes from now on – I will write my dissertation nonetheless. I presented it yesterday and it was widely praised.


7 thoughts on “Supermassive Stash Haul

    • It was truly big. 😉 I’m glad you like me choices! Let’s hope that the family will be happy as well with their gifts … But so far, no downfalls *knocks on wood*. Why is it that I rarely buy stuff for me, and only with a guilty concience, by the way? 600g are for others from this lot, only 150g are for me … Yet there I was, debating whether I should splurge on the Holst yarn or rather use my gift certificate for ordinary sock wool …

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