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He Had to Go to Australia …

Hi there! 😀

Are you all well? Did you have a good weekend? I have almost finished my blue shawl, but today, I want to share one of my latest FOs with you!

At the end of April, Philipp attended a conference in Brisbane, Australia. It’s the same conference he went to two years ago (it was held in Vancouver, Canada then) and although we were only separated for about a week, I wanted to make him something for when he got back.

Wolle Rödel Sport- und Strumpfwolle Streifencolor

This yarn

is another Wolle Roedel yarn – a selfstriping one. The yarns differ only in the small colour stripes: Neon blue, neon green, a very bright pink, orange and a darker yellow, this one. Originally, I had planned to knit him “Matrix”-socks (with the green wool, of course), but chickened out at the last minute and instead purchased two of these more subtle balls.

He Had to Go to Australia 01

I had to work on the day of his departure, so on Friday evening, we met at the train station and said our goodbyes on the platform (it takes about 1,5 or 2 hours to get to the airport and he didn’t want me to have another three hours in the train). When I got home, I sat down and cast on immediately, checking the flight status ever so often.
Although I like knitting vanilla socks, I decided to spice things up a bit and went for a very easy, quick slip-stich pattern on the outside of the sock:

Right Sock (pattern on needle 3):

Row 1 : k6 sts, [p1,sl1]x2, p1, k5 .
Row 2: k6, [p1, k1]x2, p1, k5.

For the left sock, I transferred the pattern to needle 2.


He Had to Go to Australia 02

Because I was busy with work and university stuff, I didn’t finish the pair in one week (I can knit a sock in Philipp’s size (40/41, European) in three days, but then I do little else) – but at least, he could try on the first sock after he came back and tell me if he liked them at all. 😉

He Had to Go to Australia 03
Although these are no “Matrix” socks, he loves them – and I am once more certain that there will be many more pairs coming his way. 😉

The socks are ravelled here, by the way!

Have a great week, friends!

Julia 😀

P.S.: Could you keep your thumbs pressed for me, please? It’s really, really important … I’ll tell you soon, just not now (gotta wait, but it’s something good!)

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