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Devilishly handsome

Hi friends! 😀

Geburtstagssocken 01

I hope everybody is ready for Easter and got their eggs painted, their pussy willow branches set up and is ready for a chocolate-and-cholesterol overdose?

Now before we get into the fun, I told you about the socks that look like hooves in the posting before last, right? Well – despite the weather being extremely nasty during the last days (one could also say: Truly April-ish, which means sun, sun, sun, RAIN AND HAIL AND SNOW, sun, WIND, RAIN, sun, STORM AND RAIN AND HAIL AND SNOW AND sun), we finally managed to get the snapshots done!

Let’s start with me making a confession: This pair of socks is over one month late. Yeah. I started the socks at the end of January, thinking that a month would give me plenty of time to get them finished. Philipp hasn’t got very large feet and so I can whip up a pair in a week. I guess he wanted socks for his birthday, at least he was giving me a broad hint (if “by the way, I am wearing your socks today because they are so wonderfully warm and cozy” counts as a broad hint).

I wanted to make them extra comfortable and thus knit a “cushioned” (say, slip-stitch) sole. I searched the forums and found out that slip stitch draws a bit in, but I thought if I’d do two rows more, I’d be good to go. I have to admit that the socks looked a little bit weird.

Geburtstagssocken 02

But, as the saying goes: ignorance is bliss. So I knit on happily until I had turned the heel and had finished the heel flap. Then I visited my grandparents and my gran saw the sock.

“That’s … A little wide?”, she asked cautiously.
My granddad tried the socks on (he and Philipp share a shoe-size) and the sock was … well, let’s say, very wide. I looked at the sock.

“Philipp has got … broader feet?”, I said. “I think I’ll better give him the sock as it is … And then finish it if I know if it fits him … Just in case …”

“Yes”, my gran said in earnest, “better safe than sorry”.

Philipp’s birthday came and he bravely tried the socks on. It was a desaster. Remember the last pair of socks for my mum? It wasn’t this bad this time, but it was really bad.

Back to the drawing board …

I wanted to be on the safe side for now and decided that Philipp would get vanilla socks for his fourth pair.

So I knit on happily until I had turned the heel and had finished the heel flap. Then I showed him his now-already-belated birthday present.

“Isn’t that … A little wide?”, he asked cautiously.
He tried the socks on (he and my granddad share a shoe size, by the way) and the sock … fit!

Geburtstagssocken 07

“Do you think gran will be excited to see the sock?”, I said. “I’m going to visit them this Friday, I could show it to her and if she doubts that it fits, then grandad can try it on and see if it fits him … Just in case …”

“Yes”, Philipp said in earnest, “that’s a great idea”.

So now, after all this damn stuff happening … At least I can make hoove-socks that looks really nice on my guy (if I may say so myself)!

Geburtstagssocken 04

I didn’t bother to match the stripes this time … I’m crazy enough as it is …

Geburtstagssocken 03

And yes, the socks are a bit wider … Probably also because I didn’t do my standard slip-stitch heel flap, but contented myself with a garter stitch border …


Geburtstagssocken 05
… But the ribbing on the leg makes a really good fit and Philipp is really pleased with having them.

Geburtstagssocken 06

The socks used up 80 grams of sock wool and are ravelled here – I made detailed notes this time because we took extra measurements after the first fitting desaster and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to frog again. Now … When will he get his next pair?

Love to all of you, folks! Have a good Good Friday and a lovely Easter! If you don’t celebrate Easter for various reasons: Enjoy your (hopefully) long weekend!

Julia 😀

2 thoughts on “Devilishly handsome

  1. What a relief the socks fit this time, huh!? Aren’t socks funny things! I am knitting one at the moment, where I swore it was going to be too big, but as I have got down the leg, realise that it’s going to be fine. Have a lovely Easter too!

    • thanks! 🙂 Sometimes it’s really interesting how stretchy the created fabric is (and, at times … how rigid …). I plan to knit another sock with lots of cables soon and although I knit my vanilla socks with 60 sts and this pattern tells you to use 66 for the middle-sized sock … I am a bit worried that it will be too tight. But I’ll see how it goes, I guess …

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