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It’s A Kind of Madness …

It’s A Kind of Madness …. It’s A Kind of Madness … It’s A Kind of Madness …

Lacey Lamb

What do you do when you have lost your knitting mojo and are super-frustrated, because the lace-shawl you wanted to knit for yourself doesn’t work out no matter what and the sock you wanted to knit your beloved man looks like you’re dating the devil, because it’s fit for a hoof?


You sign up for a test knit.

For a lace shawl.

With lace in every row.

Sacred Landscape 02

Now, if you knit lace in every row, there is one rule that has to be obeyed. Just one, but it is important. Listen up, everybody! I’m gonna tell you about the rule.

Do not anger The Chart.

You anger The Chart if you talk loudly about how easy the pattern repeats are, how easy it is to read your knitting and if you pay too much attention to any episode of “A Game of Thrones” or a Let’s Play. Books are completely out of the question – you do not read while you’re knitting The Chart.

If you anger The Chart, you will have to tink back several rows and get completely lost as you stumble over several yarn overs and mess up right- and left-leaning decreases, because you lose the ability to differenciate between a “k2tog” and a “sl1,k1,pull slipped st over knit st” which changes every row, because you knit lace in every row.

And yes, you have to tink. Frogging is no option, because there is lace in every row.

To spice things up a bit, the shawl consists of a border (which is knit first) from which approximately 300 sts are picked up (I don’t know how many exactly, I’m not there yet). These 300+ sts form the body of the shawl, which is then shaped with short rows and embellished with a beautiful picture of a tree(!) in front of a moon in the middle.

The designer (who is Finnish) even wove a story into the construction of the shawl: As you knit the border, you travel through the many fjords of Finland, with the Northern Lights dancing above your head. In the middle of the body, you can see the full moon – and in the middle of the moon, a tiny oak, a glandular (or dwarf) birch.

Since Finland has many, many fjords, you must travel far.

Each pattern repeat has 20 rows. And you have to knit 30 of them.

Repeats, that is.

And yes, that is 600 rows of knitting the same pattern again and again but with the omnipresent awareness that you must not anger The Chart, because there is (all together now!) lace in every row.

Sacred Landscape 01

I am a bit further than when I took this picture. By now, I have finished 23 pattern repeats and got close to the 24th. Only 140 more rows to go until I get to pick up stitches.
Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

Julia 😀


P.S.: If you didn’t catch the title: It’s Queen! Only different.

P.P.S.: I love the shawl. And the yarn. The combination is great. Promise.

8 thoughts on “It’s A Kind of Madness …

    • I though I was just … Strange. 😉

      Thank you so much! I have already seen the finished piece (the pattern is already available and the designer wants us to double-check) and it is simply stunning. I’m really curious how my shawl will look. 🙂

  1. You made my day….. Before reading your post I was pretty blue. Now I am laughing. Those are my thoughts exactly when I knit this. It is just shetland technique, lace on every row…

    • I am so glad that I could make you smile. That makes me really happy, as I am having a really sh*tty kind of day … Sending you a hug! 🙂 And you are very welcome. 🙂

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