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2015, Item #2: First Socks of 2015!

Hi folks! 😀

Gruendl Sockenwolle

I am so sorry for the long absence, but I have so much to do right now … I am working hard for my dissertation, and so I spent most of the last week at my desk, reading texts, making notes … On Friday, I had a meeting with my professor to clarify some things and since then, I have increased my efforts even more. This morning, I finished another text I had started last night and then took the rest of the day off.

Now, on to the socks …

Kon Tiki 02

If you have read my “Flash you Stash!” post here, you will remember that I said I love everything that I have. Everything? Well … Almost everything. The yarn above is from a German discounter which has spread around the world: AL*I. Every once in a while, you can buy sock wool from them and they come in packages of 200 grams with two colours and a pair of 20cm metal knitting needles.

Four Seasons Gründl 01

I bought this package about three years ago – I had just started knitting and thought it was great to get sock yarn at such a low price. The navy blue yarn was knit up into a pair of socks which, as I am sorry to say, developed holes very quickly … but maybe it was just me. I was a very new knitter back then.

I thought about tossing the greenish-blueish yarn a couple of times or gifting it, but really couldn’t bring myself to ask somebody else to deal with something I didn’t like. 😉 So I kept it …

Kon Tiki 03


… And decided to knit it up. After all, I want to use some of my stash – and the sooner I knit with that yarn, the sooner it’ll be gone! (Applause!) Since I wasn’t too fond of the colours (more blueish stuff …), I picked Edda Fokens “Kon Tiki” pattern. It’s a nice mixture of all-purl rows and ribbing and stockinette and so I cast on and got going.

Kon Tiki 04

Since the disastrous failure with mum’s socks, I was a bit worried that my usual number of 60 sts for a sock might be too big again … But it turned out to be just fine. The only problem were the purl rows – I don’t know why, but I still get ladders whenever I have to purl in the round. I asked my gran, but since she never had that problem, she couldn’t give any advice. I have tried to purl the first stitch on every needle “backwards” (that makes the ladders bigger) and I have made every first stitch quite tight … Maybe that’s just the problem.

Kon Tiki 05

These took quite some time, since I wasn’t very enthusiastic about them – but, as always, everything comes to an end, and so I could cast off last week. And yes – I was debating whether I should just frog everything and toss the yarn. But then – why?

I only hope now that the socks will last. Because otherwise I’ll be seriously pissed.

So, what now? Well … Let’s just say that you’ll be seeing more of this again in the future:

Tiny Purple Bonsai 01

Because it seems that I still can’t get enough of knitting lace.


I wish you all a very successful Monday and a great Sunday evening, friends! Take care!

Julia 😀

P.S.: Since Christmas is over, Philipp has been making a point of wearing my socks and has been making frequent comments about how comfortable they are and how warm … What do you think he’s hinting at?


4 thoughts on “2015, Item #2: First Socks of 2015!

  1. Lovely socks! I found that a good remedy for ladders is to move the stitches on to the next needle for a bit, so that a different stitch is getting ‘stressed’ where the ladder has developed. I also think that ladders don’t develop as often when knitting with 5 needles instead of 4

    • Thank you so much for your advice! I am usually knitting with 5 needles – I think that knitting with three is a bit tedious. Also, I usually use socks as my “travel” project” and therefore have the sock stuffed in a small plastic bag. With all the stitches on three needles, the risk was too big for me that stitches are frequently pulled out!

      But the next time I’ll have to purl in the round, I’ll try to switch the stitches around! Thank you again! 😀

  2. Funny you talk about ladders with purling. I have just finished knitting a couple of pairs of socks with purling, and I have also experienced that with one pair. The first pair was a tightly spun yarn that I could pull quite tight when I changed needles. This one did not get ladders. The second yarn had less elasticity in it, and there is a pronounced ladder (which I hope will even out with wear). I have not been able to tighten up those stitches as much between needles obviously! Your socks look lovely though, and I am sure that after you have washed and worn them a couple of times you will not see any ladders.

    • That is an interesting observation. I don’t know of course how good the quality of this sock yarn really is … I know that I had the same problem with other yarn as well, so there is a very good chance that it’s me. 😉 I’ll probably just have to keep practicing that.

      I hope a lot that the fabric will even out – for now, they are still sitting in my drawer and I’ll wear them sometime this week.

      Thank you so much for the compliment – and for sharing your experiences with purling in the round as well!

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