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2015, Item #1: Dinner for One (Der 90. Geburtstag)

Hi friends! 😀

January is almost over already (GOSH that was fast!) and I, of course, have been knitting … For others. 😉

Sport- und Strumpfwolle altrosa

This lovely, lovely yarn was intended for

a very special occasion: A 90th birthday! And who is the lucky birthday girl? Philipp’s gran.

Der 90. Geburtstag 01

The decision to knit her a shawl had lingered in my head for quite some time already. When I started knitting, Philipp told me one day, after he had been driving her home that she had told him, I should knit myself a triangle shawl … a big one … because when she was younger, “all the young women had one!”.

Ah yes. 😉

So when we discussed her birthday last Christmas (she was already on her way home), I immediately told the others that I wanted to knit something for her. Little M.’s gran, who has known her for ages, being Philipp’s dad’s first wife (I told you, it’s kinda complicated) agreed at once, and A., Little M.’s mom, also nodded her approval.

So, a shawl it was. But which one?

Der 90. Geburtstag 02

After a short brainstorming, the decision was made and I was set up for another Wingspan. Little M.’s gran advised me to “get a lovely gradient yarn – but soft!”, but I found that quite difficult, because there are not that many Zaubererbälle (magic balls) sold where I buy my yarn. I wanted to knit something in purple tones, because Philipp’s gran has beautiful, snow-white hair and loves to wear light gray, dark purple and, occasionally, beige.

Philipp insisted on buying something not too colourful and so he went yarn shopping with me. We quickly decided on Wolle Roedel “Sport- und Strumpfwolle Color”, the same yarn I used to make these socks, these socks , these ones as well, these mittens for my granddad, and my Multnomah. It’s sock yarn, but very soft and it “fluffs” after washing.

I cast on for this shawl on New Year’s Eve and after 8 days of knitting, it was done …

Der 90. Geburtstag 03

Knitting this went smoothly – I love the pattern, it is very simple, but looks so beautiful on gradient yarns. My first Wingspan (ravelled here) came out a bit small, so I used 3,5mm needles this time instead of 3,0mm and I really loved the result. I had to rip back once or twice, because I made som stupid, stupid mistakes (it seems to be really difficult to count to 90 sometimes – haha! 90! Haha …), but on the 8th of January, I was done.

Instead of using a sewn bind-off, I used the “k1, *k1, sl sts on left needle, k2tog tbl*” this time, as it is a bit stretchier and, most of all, faster. Since the shawl is quite big already, I didn’t bother to block it, but simply washed it and then layed it out to dry.

Der 90. Geburtstag 04

I still have to sew in these two ends, but I am going to do that tonight and then it’s done.

Now, before we all get ahead of ouselves: There is a good chance that she might never ever wear it.

You see – Philipp’s gran is almost blind. She’s got a macula-degenereation (I hope this term is correct) and she can only see a tiny bit from the corner of her eyes … Mostly colours, almost no shapes. Apart from all the difficulties that something like this brings with it, she is very decided about the clothes she wears and the colours that go with it. Philipp was very, very sceptical about my idea of a shawl, because it might be that she will say “Thank you” to be polite, but won’t ever wear it, because she can’t know how the shawl matches her clothes.

I have thought about that and I have to say – so be it. I probably will be very disappointed when she doesn’t like the shawl, but I didn’t ask her and so have to deal with the consequences. I decided on Wingspan because the shape of the shawl makes it easy for her to determine how to wear it, but of course it is possible that she thinks it’s too funky.

We’ll see. I’ll tell you soon. 😉

I wish you all a lovely weekend and a great time! I have a pair of socks on the needles I really want to finish (for other reasons … Sigh) and I have been bitten by the spinning bug recently, too. 😉

Take care (and please, keep your thumbs pressed!)

Julia 😀

P.S.: What has this shawl got to do with “Dinner for One”? Well … “Dinner for One” or “The 90th Birthday” is a slapstick film (about 10-15 minutes) that is shown every year on New Year’s Eve. Although it is entirely in English, the humor is definitely German, and over the years, there quite a few remakes appeared, some of them in local dialects, others in colour or more modern … Go check it out! 😀


3 thoughts on “2015, Item #1: Dinner for One (Der 90. Geburtstag)

    • Thank you so much!
      I was a bit surprised that I could be that fast, to be honest. On the other hand, I had more free time and garter stitch knits up quickly … If you can count to three (and, after finishing a triangle, to 90, that is).

      She did indeed like the shawl (it worked! Thank you)! It was a bit overwhelming when she received it (we had invited surprise-guests, her niece with her family was there and she was so, so happy … But it was all a bit much at once, I’m afraid). When Philipp brought her home, he explained to her that she could use the shawl when she’s watching TV (she likes to stay up late) and she immediately agreed and, feeling the shawl once again, exclaimed how soft the wool was! I hope it will bring her much joy. 😀

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