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A Wrap-Up for 2014 or: All About These Socks!

Hi there! 😀
Although it took a bit longer than I expected – here it is, the wrap-up for 2014! So … What did I knit? What did I buy? Follow me …OverallAll in all, I knit 31 items in 2014 (two were frogged, so they don’t count.) My resolution to knit more for me … Yeah, that didn’t go too well again. 😉 15 items were for others (that includes charity knitting, by the way). I have to say though, that I enjoy kitting for others a lot. So far, everything has been accepted with joy and that’s great!What was new?I have to admit that I didn’t try out that many new things this year – maybe all the change in my life was enough. 😉 I dipped a toe into Swing Knitting though:Swingstulpen 01 Swingstulpen 02And I definitely want to do a bit more! I love garter stitch (surprise, surprise) and short rows are fun anyway. There are a couple of great patterns in my queue and I really want to try them!I didn’t make too much progress on my Amiga Cardigan either:But by now, the first sleeve is almost finished and so I only need to knit the second one and the blend on the front. That should be manageable … I want to knit more garments this year, but really want to finish this one first.Charity knitting …Happened as well. Although it wasn’t as much as last year. I made two scarves (and forgot to take a picture of one of them – ARGH!)

As I said, nothing special

As I said, nothing special


And that was that. I still have to hand them in somewhere, so far, there hasn’t been an opportunity.Babies!Two baby garments were knit this year: One Vertenebrae (I sewed the ends in this evening and will take a picture on the morrow) and a little, adorable cardigan:Little Striped Vertebrae 04 Welcoming Jacket 08I love them both to pieces and want to knit more this year as well. 🙂LACEAh yes, that was a big one. Apart from this shawlRegenerate Shawl 08(I promise, this is the last time you have to see it!), I also knit this as a test knit:Étaín 03 Étaín 04It was the first time to knit a shawl like this, the lace edging first and the body afterwards. Lace is a LOT on my mind right now, I am itching to cast on something really, really lacy for me … But I’ll have to wait a little bit longer, I fear …HATSYes, there were hats! Two of them, to be precise!One for my dad:Hat for Dad's Head 04(no, this is not my dad) and one for Philipp:SDC13012I know, I haven’t shown it yet on this blog … But let me assure you, it’s being worn and it fits him just great. The blue is a bit brighter than on this picture and brings out the blue in Philipp’s eyes wonderfully. I really suits him!But if you followed my blog for a while, it will be no surprise …Because I’m all about these socks.16 PAIRS OF SOCKS were knit last year! That’s more than half of my whole number of projects!I don’t know if you remember this desaster at the beginning of the year:but I managed to knit the yarn up into something gorgeous:Seaweed Socks 09Seaweed Socks 06Philipp got two more pairs: Sidekick Socks 03And so did my niece, Little M.: Blaubeer-Himbeer-Eis mit Sahne Socken 02Out of 16 pairs, 9 were for me …And I am incredibly proud of these, because I designed them myself.Although I had to wear that cast at that time, because I sprayed my ankle (I honestly forgot that until I saw the picture.)I made two shawls for myself as well:Fairy Shawl 01 Multnomah 06Spun this beautiful yarn (with Anna’s help):Knit on my 15-stitches blanket:15-stitch blanket 10Knit two dishcloths:1. Dishcloth gruen 2. Dishcloth gruen 02And cut myself in the eye the night before my birthday. ;)All in all, a memorable year! Don’t you agree? ;)See you soon folks! I’m glad to show you what I have been working on lately …Take care!Love,
Julia 😀

2 thoughts on “A Wrap-Up for 2014 or: All About These Socks!

  1. That was a great variety of knitting, even if over half of it was socks (one can never have too many socks in my opinion) 🙂 Very cute projects too! Good luck with your 2015 projects!

    • Thank you! I was a bit surprised that it was that much different stuff … But I like it. I love knitting socks, but even I get bored with it (I hear the members of my knitting group roaring with laughter now. 😉

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