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… But what about the rest?!?

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your wonderful, kind comments about gran’s shawl! I am very happy that everybody likes it (and most of all, that she likes it too!). I am sure that I grew about 4 inch while reading them. 😀Christmas Socks 2014

I thought I’d give you a little heads-up about the next three blog postings I have planned, so that you have an overview over what is yet to come (I’ll link to the postings when I have written them, too, for convenience):So, first of all, I thought I’d share my other Christmas knits with you. I know, it’s a little late, but they were knit after all, and finally were modelled either by me or the recipients, so I have decent photos to show.

Then I actually took part in the “Flash your Stash!” thread in the ravelry forums, and I that was so much fun that I’d like to share it here as well.

Last but not least, I want to do a wrap-up posting of 2014 – what I have knit, what my favourite projects were and what I am planning to knit in 2015!

(The recipe, by the way, is not forgotten! I didn’t manage to translate it yet, but I will share it with you, I promise. Really.)

So, is everybody okay with that? Here we go then!

Christmas Socks 2014

These are almost all socks that I knit for 2014’s Christmas. The photo was done on the 23rd, in between knitting frantically on gran’s shawl and … erm … knitting frantically on gran’s shawl (for everyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about – go read it. As a warning. There is a Part I and a Part II. Read it and save your soul (and sanity)).

Mum’s socks were not included in the picture because they were not finished, but I have put them at the end of this posting, so you’ll see them. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Flowers in the Snow

We start off with Little M.’s socks. This wool was dyed by a very talented woman of my knitting group – Silvia, who blogs here about her knitting and sewing adventures (her blog is in German, by the way). I didn’t know that they would come out that pink, but I knit a very girly pair of socks for myself (I will show them when I do the wrap-up), and made them intentionally shorter, because I knew that these colours were perfect for Little M. (There may have been some guilt involved, because I made her these darker socks earlier)

Blaubeer-Himbeer-Eis mit Sahne Socken 01

I didn’t knit a pattern this time, because my socks already took up  58g and I was afraid that I’d run out – and after I was done, there are only 5 grams left of it.

Little M. unwrapped these socks first on Christmas day (lucky me – the other two presents contained a “Christoph” doll from Disney’s “Frozen” and some playmobil fairy-island with LOTS of pink and bling-bling …). She shouted out in delight and put them on …

Blaubeer-Himbeer-Eis mit Sahne Socken 02

… and on her feet they stayed until they had to go home. She is very, very happy with the socks and her mum (who learned to knit last year, too and already made her one or two pairs herself!) told me that, apparently, handknit socks never get old with little M. I probably won’t knit her something for her next birthday, though – but she’ll be a school kid this summer (God, time flies!) and then there’ll be another opportunity. 🙂 The socks are ravelled here.

Blaubeer-Himbeer-Eis mit Sahne Socken 03

The next socks were already shown, I think …. they were for my granddad, and I bought the yarn on this year’s Handmade festival.

Opal Sweet&Spicy 2 Weintraube

I very quickly decided on the Simple Skyp socks and I really like the ribbing between the herringbone columns.

Skyp Socks 01

The socks (which you can see here modelled by Philipp) are almost identical. Actually, I don’t know how important this is for my granddad. I think he is okay with fraternals, but I just wanted to be on the safe side – plus, the pattern repeats are not very long, so I didn’t waste a lot of yarn when I made the second sock.

Skyp Socks 03

He unwrapped them on Christmas Eve and his face lit up immediately. I know he’ll wear them with pleasure and he loves the colours, too. For statistic fans – the socks are ravelled here.

Skyp Socks 04

The third pair of socks were for Little M.’s gran again – she has received one pair last Christmas and a stole from me and is as happy as possible with what I have knit her so far (she was over the moon with joy when I told her the stole was her’s if she wanted it – the hug almost broke my back).

Regia Antik Color 02

This yarn is Regia Antik Color and is really, really nice to knit with. Maybe a tiny bit splitty, but you can’t have it all. The colour is beautiful and I’m a bit sad I haven’t seen it anywhere else since the Handmade. I decided that cabled socks would be a nice change and so I knit her Inguz. She was really, really happy again, both with the colour and the cables – she likes to wear the socks on the couch in the evening and they fit her perfectly (that’s her modelling them!).

Inguz Socks 04

So, last but not least – mum. Another yarn bought at the Handmade – this time, it was Lana Grossa “Aloha”, which is 80% Merino wool and 20% Nylon. I loved the colour way as it reminded me of the illustrations in Michael Ende’s book “The Neverending Story”, which are in red and green and “old” colours … Wonderful.

Meilenweit Aloha

Well, I already told you about that damn mistake, right?

Chainsocks 04

I completely ripped the socks out (ouch) and started again, this time with 56sts instead of 60, as usual. The pattern is very, very stretchy, because although there are cables involved, they occur every 7th round only … So it’s basically a p2,k2,p2 pattern on the front of the sock.

Chainsocks 05

My mum got the socks on the 30th of December and when she tried them on, I was more than relieved that they fit her fine. She, too wears the socks in the evening on the sofa, and always over her usual socks, because her feet get cold easily. She was really, really happy with them and I know they will be well-cared for. (I ravelled them here, so you can get data).

Chainsocks 06

I have to say, I have a very knitworthy family. I think that part of is has to do with the fact that everybody knows how much work goes into knit items, because they either knit themselves or have seen their mum, wife, sisters … knit long enough. Maybe it also is because I don’t overdo it. I don’t knit exclusively – if someone tells me they don’t want something knit, but rather something else (a book, a gift card, whatever), they will get that. After all, it’s about the recipient, not me. Every year, I read heartbreaking stories about items that are knit with love and care and have taken a long, long time and end up in the garbage or being stuffed in the darkest corner of a cabinet, and I am very glad that this hasn’t happened to me yet. It was awesome gifting these socks and seing everybody being delighted to get them.


Thank you for bearing with me for so long, my friends! As I said above, the next posting will be about Flashing my Stash … Let’s see what that will be like!

I wish you a great start of the week and as little stress as possible! Take care!


Julia 😀


4 thoughts on “… But what about the rest?!?

    • Me, too. Especially after that knitting adventure, I couldn’t have guaranteed for anything that might have happened if anyone told me she didn’t like the socks. 😉

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