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Talkin’ ’bout my (Re)generation! – Part I

Hi friends!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. 😉

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! Today, I want to talk about this:

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 violett 02

I will refrain from telling you that this was the yarn I knit my gran’s Christmas present with, because I have told you here. When I bought this lovely, lovely skein at this year’s Handmade Festival, I knew it was going to be a shawl for my gran. I have made her an Ashton Shawlette for her 80th birthday, but never say her wearing it – but I thought that a lovely lace shawl out of warm Merino wool with just a hint of Nylon was better.

As you know, I debated a bit on the pattern and I am very, very glad that I chose Regenerate instead of Morrígan or the Echo Flower Shawl. Sally very wisely advised me to use Regenerate because of the large stockinette sections and it was the best decision ever. Thank you, Sally!

Regenerate Shawl 01

Because I am always interested in postings about self-organisation and time management for Christmas knitting, I thought I’d help others with theirs for 2015! Thus, I proudly present:

How to Get Crazy Just Before Christmas – a Step-By-Step Guide in 30 Steps

1.) Chose yarn that is so fine that you don’t have any other yarn that is suitable for a lifeline. This will make you extra cautious while knitting the shawl and will prevent you from knitting it when you feel just a teeny bit tired.

2.) Cast on and happily start the shawl at the beginning of November

3.) Cast on and knit socks for your granddad in between (ravelry link).

4.) Cast on and knit socks for Little M.’s gran in between (ravelry link)

5.) Continue knitting the shawl and start charts 2 and 3, knowing full well that December has finally begun. 183 sts on the needles.

6.) Knit a hat for your man because it’s your 10-year-anniversary(!!!) and you promised him a hat three (yes, 3!) years ago.

7.) Knit charts 2 and 3 for the second time, as stated in the pattern. 267 sts on the needles.

8.) Start a Vertenebrae cardigan for you guy’s colleague’s newborn daughter despite the fact that you’re unwell and that there is no real chance you can meet the deadline. FAIL.

9.) Start your mother’s socks.

10.) Knit charts 4 of the shawl. 347 sts on the needles. Watch Let’s plays you are really interested in while knitting, so you are extra slow.

Regenerate Shawl 02

11.) Start chart 5 (last chart) and knit on it until it’s the 22nd of December and you have 18 more rows to go. Plus bind-off. And blocking.

On the 23rd

12.) 9am to 1pm: Work.

13.) Come home at half past one.

14.) Eat lunch.

15.) 2pm. Start knitting.

16.) Time yourself during the first rows to calculate how long it will take. Be very optimistic that you’ll totally make it and that you can block the shawl this evening.

17.) Realise that you need 20 minutes per row. Swear.

18.) Panick shortly, but tell yourself that “the stockinette rows will be faster”. (We’ll get back to that later)

19.) Watch your man wrap all the presents!

20.) Listen to the soundtrack of “Vampire Bloodlines”. Start feeling a little bit like a Malkavian ( = lunatic) vampire.

21.) 4pm. Your man starts decorating the tree!

22.) 5pm. Listen to Schubert’s “Winter Journey” to get you at least in a winterly spirit but decide that it isn’t enough to distract you from the pain in your arms and your shoulders.

23.) Listen to punkrock while your man goes for a little walk! Look at the Christmas tree and ponder whether this is really not the most stupid thing you have ever done, because this is your first Christmas together and you are not helping with any preparations.

24.) 7pm. Guy comes back from walk. Comments on the fact that your neck and shoulders feel like a tortoise shell.

25.) Get into a hot, hot shower, and eat something.

26.) Get up from dinner table, mumbling “I’ll get this done. I’ll get this done. You won’t fool me. I’ll get this done.” Don’t stop until you’ve finished the last row!

27.) 9pm. Reach stockinette sections and time yourself. Still 20 minutes per row. Guy calculates that it will take you past midnight and that there is no way you’ll block this thing. Remember 18.) and realise that the rows in the stockinette sections are longer. Surpress hysterical laughter.

28.) 10pm. Feel like you are about to freak out completely every minute now. Ignore the urge to scream and use that energy to knit instead. Oh, and to forget about the cramps in your neck, shoulders and arms.

29.) Midnight! Only 5 more rows to go!

30.) Half past 1 in the morning. Done. 457 sts on the needles.

Regenerate Shawl 03

So, the shawl is finished, but not bound off … and our protagonist has got to work on Christmas Eve as well. Will she get the bind-off done in time? When will her gran receive the shawl? Will she like the item? And most importantly: What will the shawl look like?

Stay tuned for Part II – coming soon …     


13 thoughts on “Talkin’ ’bout my (Re)generation! – Part I

    • Thank you so much! I am glad that you gave that advice, really – it was the most sensible pattern to pick and while I was knitting I was really happy that I followed you. 🙂

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