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What would you like to eat?

Hi folks,

I am superbusy with Christmas knitting – it definitely looks like my mum will get one sock and the promise of the second one as soon as possible. I still have 36(!) rows to go on gran’s shawl (this number does not include the cast-off) and I am so, so worried that I won’t make it …

Because of this, just a quick shoutout to you lovely people because of the recipes I promised you.

I can give you the recipe for an apple cake (I have got two recipes for apple cake that are both very good. Both are family ones, but I’ll give you that of my mum’s mother first) and a recipe for an amazing carrot cake without walnuts, but with white chocolate.

I can only translate one of them before Christmas, so which one would you like?

By the way – I know it’s “apple pie” in English. But in German, we say “Apfelkuchen”, because we make a cake with apples. Not a pie. 😉

Okay, I’m off knitting some more rows on that shawl – luckily, I could already start the gusset decreases for the sock!

Lots of love,
Julia 😀


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