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Not quite on time

I didn’t quite finish on time.

Little Striped Vertebrae 04

That’s a pity, but I just couldn’t make it for several reasons, one of them being that, although I can breathe freely again (yay!), I still have a sore throat and a cough that won’t go away. I have decided to give it this weekend – if it isn’t gone by then, I’ll go to the doctor’s. Because of this (and because I haven’t slept well during the last few days), I didn’t join Philipp at his department’s annual Christmas get-together, but am sitting on the couch, drinking tea, reading and knitting a bit.

I would like to thank everyone of you so much for your input on the cardigan!! I really pondered adding the yellow – but in the end, I went with your suggestions about keeping it about the two colours and I’m glad I did. There is enough action going on with the stripes and the yellow would have been too much.

Knitting the sleeves is a bit of a drag at the moment – I don’t like to pick up stitches for the arms, because of the holes and I don’t like adding new yarn for the same reason. Surely there is a nifty trick for avoiding those holes (except for my method, which is to pull like mad on the tail of the yarn), but I haven’t come across it yet. So far, I am knitting the underarm stitch through the back loop in every second row and it seems to work out.

It bugs me don’t like that I couldn’t meet the deadline for the cardigan, but yesterday evening, when it became clear that I still had to knit two sleeves and the ribbing for the front, I simply had to accept my defeat. That bugs me, but on the other hand, I simply wasn’t willing to lose more sleep over it (as I said before, I am not the person to pull an allnighter and never have been), so I decided to let it go and finish it properly instead of presenting a half-finished sweater (yes, I considered that briefly).

Did I tell you that I love to watch Let’sPlays while knitting? This cardigan has seen lots of episodes of Nintendo’s “Metroid” – mostly by LookslikeLink, a German Let’s Player. Let’s hope that Little C. grows into as strong a woman as the serie’s protagonist, Samus Aran, is! 😉

Take care, friends! I’ll be back soon!



2 thoughts on “Not quite on time

  1. I would only call it not finishing on time if the baby grows out of the sweater before you can gift it. Do not worry, it will still be very much appreciated when you do finish it! I think your approach is right – you cannot rust these things.

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