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A Change of Plan

Hi all! 😀

If you remember this post, I told you about my intention to knit a little sweater with a Totoro on it for the newborn daughter of one of Philipp’s colleagues.

Wolle Rödel Siena weiß Wolle Rödel Siena blaugrau

Well …

It all started on Monday evening when Philipp came home from work with a couple of new stories from his colleague about what it’s like to live with a baby.

While she is completely adorable, it turns out that the little girl (Little C., let’s call her that) seems to have bit of a digestion problem. Not so much below, but more on the top … Reflux. Which of course adds to the huge pile of baby-laundry. Little C. is a healthy and happy child otherwise, but her stomach seems to be easily upset.

And now look at the wool above.

Yes. It’s white. Plus, it’s wool. Washable at 30°C, but still. It’s wool.

Suddenly the intended sweater didn’t seem to be the best choice anymore. Since I had serious gauge issues with the yarn/pattern combination anyway (more about it soon) and I knew that the Totoro would have to be knit in intarsia (which I have never-ever done before), and I, caught between knitting mum’s socks and my gran’s shawl, would have no time for all that, I had already told Philipp that no way would the sweater be ready for his department’s Christmas party on Friday.

Then I changed my mind.

Little Striped Vertebrae 01

It happened somewhat accidentally – I was browsing ravelry and found a really, really cute baby sweater in the “Hot right now” section. I searched for more baby garments, and there it was: Vertebrae, by Kelly Brooker.

Vertebrae is a frontless cardigan that only warms the back and the bottom of a child. Since children at Little C.’s age still spend most of their time lying on the belly, I thought it was the perfect thing.

Plus, it could be knit of sock wool.

Little Striped Vertebrae 02

I grabbed my box of leftover yarns and cast on immediately. The colour combination of blue and purple had been intended for a pair of socks for myself, but I was willing to sacrifice them for the cause. Sock yarn is washable at 40°C and takes just about everything. Especially if it’s Regia or TrekkingXXL. I sketched (!) a bit and came up with 4-row stripes.

Little Striped Vertebrae 03

So far I really love my progress – as you can see, I have already put my sleeve stitches on waste yarn and am now knitting until I reach 16,5cm (measured from the armpits), then start the ribbing for the bottom. I slip the stitches of every second row (so on row 3 after a colour change) and I haven’t checked my gauge yet, but given that my gauge on 2,5mm needles on DPNs in the round is 30sts/40rows to 4″ and I am knitting on a 3mm circular, I do hope that I’m fine.

I’m thinking of knitting the ribbing for the sleeves and the bottom in yellow – what do you think about this? Would it be too much? I’m not so sure whether this will look really, really cute or just really, really ugly. And what about the colour combination? Honest thoughts are really appreciated!

I might make it just in time, but we’ll see. I am doing my best for sure!

Take care, friends!

Julia 😀


8 thoughts on “A Change of Plan

  1. Blau-Lila ist toll, aber ich würd’s dabei belassen. Schließlich wird auf jeden Fall noch etwas drunter getragen, dadurch kommt noch mindestens eine andere Farbe mit ins Spiel. Ansonsten ist der Schnitt (sagt man das beim Stricken? Ich bin grad zu müde zum Denken) extrem süß. Hach!

    • Vielen, vielen Dank – sowohl für deine Meinung als auch für das Kompliment! 🙂

      Du hast natürlich Recht – zu bunt verringert die Kombinationsmöglichkeiten. Ich muss mir das nochmal in aller Ruhe durch den Kopf gehen lassen … Immerhin habe ich noch bis übermorgen Zeit.

    • Thank you – also for the suggestion!
      Truth be told, I wanted to have another ball of the blue (it’s Regia Antik Color) while knitting on the socks … But alas, it doesn’t seem as if that would happen soon. 😉

      But if there isn’t much left after the cardigan, I’ll knit it into my sock yarn blanket. 🙂

    • Thank you for the suggestion!
      I have made up my mind by now (and will tell you soon what I did) – but I really was worried that the yellow might be a bit too much. Also, because the blue is a tonal shade of blue …

  2. Well done you on the change of plan! That sweater is going to be adorable! Like the others say – why don’t you try the yellow and if it looks terrible, you can always switch back?

    • Hi and thanks so much! 🙂
      It’s true of course, it never hurts to try. I am a bit afraid that the cardigan will be a bit “gloomy” without the yellow … But then again, I don’t want to knit a motley (another word I learned from Game of Thrones!). The only problem is, my frustration tolerance is damnable low when it comes to ripping back. 😉

      But we’ll see! 🙂

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