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The post that didn’t happen

Sorry folks …

I went to bed last night with the serious intention to give you all a heads up on my projects and the two(!) recipes I wanted to share with you …

… and then I got up this morning with a cold and I am simply not up to blogging today.

I knit on that

Soft Merino_blau 02

but cannot show you any pictures, because this is some superspecial gift for Philipp (and yes, he saw me knitting on this today and kept asking: “What are you making?” – “I’m just … TRYING SOMETHING OUT I READ IN A BOOK!” – “Okay …” He cannot have forgotten that this is HIS yarn, being knit up into HIS pattern that he chose from Idontknowhowmany hat patterns three *hem-hem* years ago? Surely he knows and plays innocent.)

I haven’t been knitting up this

Wolle Rödel Siena weiß Wolle Rödel Siena blaugrau

’cause I’ve got some serious gauge issues at the moment, but I have spent lots of time with this:

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 violett 02

And it is absolutely divine. Really.

Oh, and this?

Meilenweit Aloha

Yes, this got quite a bit of a workout as well.

I will knit a bit more on this now

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 violett 02

and then go to bed somewhat early.

So, due to a cold: No post today. Sorry, folks!

Take care! Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent!

Julia 🙂

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