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Making Christmas 2014 #1 – Being mighty busy

Hello again! 😀

Soft Merino_blau 02

I hope everybody had a great first Sunday of Advent? Ours has been very quiet – this morning, Philipp woke up and said: “I’m sick. I’ve got a cold and my throat hurts.” So we’ve been taking it slow, he drank lots and lots of tea, we went for a short walk in the fresh air and cancelled our visit with his dad (Philipp went shortly and brought back a pot of lentil soup we had for dinner). While he was away, I decorated a bit for Christmas and also tidied a bit – otherwise, I’ve been knitting a ton.

First of all, I have been using this

Opal Sweet&Spicy 2 Weintraube

to knit my very first Christmas present of the year: Skyp socks for my granddad. Now, I’ve told you about my granddad  here and since the Simple Skyp Socks (link to pattern page) have been made 3661 times by now, there’s a good chance that everyone reading this blog made them.

Skyp Socks 04

The socks knit up really easily, I love herringbone patterns. This pattern reminds me a lot of Charade, but I like the ribbing between the herringbone columns. And they almost came out identically, too!

Skyp Socks 03

I am glad that my granddad likes to wear bolder colours as well, so this blue should be right up his street. Maybe one of the other colours of the “Sweet and Spicy 2” collection would please him as well … My gran (who has said a couple of times during the last few months that she “would stop knitting”) mentioned the intention of knitting him a new vest, so maybe we’ll make a short trip to the LYS together. Did I tell you that my boss-boss got me a GIFT CERTIFICATE TO SAID LYS AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT, by the way? I was thrilled! Usually, you will get a book (I was told), but he checks with coworkers and one of my colleagues told him that a gift certificate for a yarn shop would be nice. HOORAY! 😀 The socks are ravelled here, for anybody interested in statistics. 🙂

I have also knit up this wool

Regia Antik Color 02

into a pair of beautiful socks for Little M.’s grandmother which she will receive as a Christmas present. (I’ll show them soon). If anybody would like to take a peek, click here.

All the while, I have been working up this:

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 violett 02

into a lace shawl for gran. So far, it’s going great – I love the fabric, didn’t get lost in the pattern (knock on wood!) … Everything is great. But I can’t work on them while doing something else (except listening to soft music), so the shawl grows somewhat slowly.

And because the socks for Little M.’s gran were done really fast, I started to knit up this

Meilenweit Aloha

into a pair of socks for my mum’s Christmas present. I’ll talk about this later, too, but it goes really fast – I cast on yesterday and knit only a bit today and started on the heel flap already! Yay!

And for all the very attentive people out there – yes, these presents mean that I have been using all the yarns I bought at the handmade this year! At least, the yarns that were intended as presents. 😉

Because two projects are never enough, I have been swatching with the white stuff of this:

 Wolle Rödel Siena blaugrau Wolle Rödel Siena weiß

This will become a baby cardigan for the very first daughter of one of Philipps colleagues – and I am deep into trouble here. I am knitting the Offset-Wraplan (link to pattern page) and planning to include a Totoro (if you don’t know who Totoro is, click here). This will be such a fun project that it deserves its own post … Let me just spoiler you with the fact that after swatching with THREE different needle sizes, my gauge is still off (too big) and that knitting this will require TONS of maths. This is merino wool – lovely, lovely.

And because three projects on deadlines (the shawl and mum’s socks are, of course, due on the 24th, the wraplan possibly on the 12th), I swatched for a very special gift (for Philipp) yesterday … Which would be due on the 10th.

Soft Merino_blau 02

Yay me. 😉

Have a great start into the week, people!


P.S.: The Exposé is finished and has been handed in! I need a second lettre from a professor which I will hopefully get next week and then I’m fully done. Yay! 😀

6 thoughts on “Making Christmas 2014 #1 – Being mighty busy

  1. Heyyo Julia. Just passing by, sorry for commenting on here (because this is irrelevant to your post). Just wanted to say hi before I go to my internship site. Have a good day/night! God bless you.:)

    • It’s not irrelevant! Don’t be sorry about it!

      Thank you so much for dropping by! It’s great! 😀 Thanks so much for it – I’m going to bed now, but I wish you a really, really good start for your next week! God bless you, too. 😀

    • Haha, thanks! 😀 But you are doing so much as well (and it’s beautiful stuff, as always!)! No, really, it was only four presents this year … And two of them (the socks for Little M.’s gran and mum’s) were set as optional. I’m a bit worried that I won’t finish the shawl on time, but I am working steadily on it and hope for the best. 😀

      Have a great day!

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