Warming up Autumn

Hi folks!

When we first moved into the new flat, I had my next projects planned, for a change – usually, I just grab something that strikes my fancy and knit. Except there is someone to knit for.

Sport- und Strumpfwolle rot 03

This time, however, I had planned ahead. Winter was coming (wasn’t that well done? Yes, thank you, I agree. I am quite proud of myself. Reading “A Feast for Crows” right now and can’t wait to meet Tyrion again) and I needed a really warm shawl.

Now, I have knit other shawls, of course. Regarding that I have only one neck, I have too many shawls (truth be told, I shook my head at the beginning, when I saw people knitting shawl after shawl, because who needs 20 of them? Yeah, yeah, I know. Noobie that I was), but I have come to love textures and variety – and colours. My Larch shawl and the scarf I knit during the last few days of my master’s thesis are very, very short – much too short, because I trusted the pattern more than my too-tight gauge and I was foolish enough to think that sockwool grew a lot during washing even though I was knitting at said tight gauge (yes, yes, I know. Since my socks don’t come out huge … But maybe I thought the yarn was behaving differently since I wasn’t knitting socks. I don’t know.).

So they both came out quite small and can’t be worn comfortably.

Multnomah 01

Multnomah should put an end to that. Now, I have shawls that are comfortable – my Age of Steel and Steam Kerchief is one, for example – but it is made of cotton and therefore doesn’t warm as well. I grabbed two rolls of Wolle Roedel’s “Sport and Strumpfwolle color” (which is a cabled yarn, so a bit softer, but still durable) in red that I had bought myself as a treat after a long and hard day at work and cast on. Did I tell you that red is my favourite colour? Especially deep red?

Now, Multnomah is a shawl that I have been eyeing for a while. What put me off to knitting it sooner was the middle – I simply didn’t like the five-stitch “spine”. But while I was raiding through my stash and came across the red wool, somehow it whispered “Multnomah” and so that was that. The first very pleasant surprise was that Multnomah doesn’t start with a garter stitch tab. Now I don’t know about you, but although I love garter stitch for it’s squishiness and warmth, somehow the garter stitch tab and I have never become close friends.

Although I can knit garter stitch perfectly well (I can even determine where I am in a pattern), I am always confused of whether or now I have knit enough rows after the cast on row, because somehow I cannot remember whether the cast-on row counts as row 1 or not. Yay … And please don’t mention the “picking up stitches from the cast on row” part.

Multnomah 02

Due to the fact that I already had two shawls that are a bit small (the wingspan isn’t huge either – DAMN, I never showed you that, did I?), I wanted to knit this one as large as possible. Should I run out of wool, I had planned to buy an extra ball (you can’t get this red anymore in the shop, they have another one, which is more on the pink side) and use the entire ball for the border.

I knit until I had 301 stitches and then started the border. Then I weighed my wool and realised that there wouldn’t be much of a border with only 24 grams left … I pondered whether I should buy that extra ball of yarn, but then I measured the shawl with my eyes, realised that it was already really big and one further trip to the yarn shop convinced me that the colours would look absolutely disgusting together. Since, I don’t care that much for the feather and fan pattern anyway, I decided to just go on and knit a small border.

Multnomah 03

The day after my more or less disastrous birthday, our couch arrived (yay!). By then I had finished the shawl, knitting the fan and feather repeat only three times, because I wanted to do a sewn bind-off (because it seems that I am slightly masochistic) and that needs a lot of wool, as you know. Oh, and a lot of time. Did I mention that a sewn bind-off takes ages? Because I was working on The Exposé and could only knit for one or two hours in the evening, binding off took about … Oh, I don’t know … A week? One and a half? Two? Can’t remember, but when I was able to bind off the last stitch, I was in heaven.

The fabric was soft and wonderful and the shawl feld light and already like a hug.

Multnomah 04

Because I had taken last Monday off (my Exposé was finished, I now had to start on my CV), I decided to soak the shawl and block it in the living room (please note the glass of Apfelschorle on the blocking board. Some of you might not have heard of it – Apfelschorle is apple juice mixed with sparkling water, and it’s a popular drink in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Oh, and Philipp just says, you get it in the Netherlands as well …  Let’s say in this part of Europe, okay?). Very refreshing.

Do you see how much this grew?

Because I had read the Yarn Harlot’s blog post on Foxpaws, (and because I had no idea how to block the feather and fan pattern correctly), I aimed for this:

Multnomah 05

And I am very pleased with it. (Sorry for the crappy pictures, by the way. I blocked the shawl in the evening and since darkness falls upon us at about 5 pm already, this is the best I could do).

Multnomah 06

I have worn the shawl over the last week, and I love it. I swear, this is my favourite shawl so far. It is wonderfully warm, big enough to look casual, but the red radiates energy and it is simply stunning. Plus, it suits me really well and can be worn with gray, brown, green and black … Lovely, lovely Multnomah, I’ll love you forever and ever.

Data can be found on my project page.

Have a wonderful Sunday, folks! I’m off to my parents to eat waffles. YUM!

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