Making Christmas 2014 #1 – Being mighty busy

Hello again! 😀

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I hope everybody had a great first Sunday of Advent? Ours has been very quiet – this morning, Continue reading


Warming up Autumn

Hi folks!

When we first moved into the new flat, I had my next projects planned, for a change – usually, I just grab something that strikes my fancy and knit. Except there is someone to knit for.

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This time, however, I had planned ahead. Winter was coming (wasn’t that well done? Yes, thank you, I agree. I am quite proud of myself. Reading “A Feast for Crows” right now and can’t wait to meet Tyrion again) and I needed a really warm shawl. Continue reading

What Happened in Between

Hi all!

Did you have a good time since my last posting? I had been so determined to enjoy my week off work last week (despite working on The Exposé). The Exposé is for a scholarship I am trying to get for my dissertation and I have never done one and find it challenging. Not impossible, but challenging.

The plan was to work on The Exposé during the weekend and on Monday, then take Tuesday off, since that was my 28th birthday. Then working more on The Exposé and throw some blogposts in.
YES, my birthday is on the 11th of November. I was born at 11 o’clock, to be precise (I was for sure!) – my mum told me that the midwife actually said: “You know what, I don’t care … If the baby comes out at 11.05 am, we’ll write on the birth certificate. It’s just too good an opportunity to miss.” (For everybody who’s confused right now: The 11th of November is not only St. Martin’s Day, but also marks the beginning of the German carneval season. German carneval is different from Venezian an Brasilian carneval, and it PRECISELY begins at 11.11am on the 11th of November. I have been called “carneval’s child” since the day I was born. Even though I was 11 minutes early. 😉 ).

BUT! On Monday evening, at 11pm (HAHA) – get ready for this … I poked myself in the eye with a sheet of paper I was gonna read for The Exposé – and managed to cut myself in the cornea of my left eye.

Do not try this at home.

It literally hurt like hell – and, what was more, the eye watered like it never wanted to stop. One moment, I was in full swing and all hectic (NaNoWriMo hat begun and I had JUST managed to catch up on my word count, but hadn’t done enough on The Exposé, so I was frantically trying to get some text reading done and then somehow cram some writing in as well) and the next one I was literally reduced to tears.

The eye was incredibly sensitive to light as well, and I slept about 2,5 hours that night because it hurt so bad. Philipp offered to take me to the hospital, of course, but as far as I know, an ophthalmologist is rarely to be found in the emergency at night, and any other doctor would have probably just given me something for the pain.
So, instead of sleeping late, getting up, baking my birthday cake (apple cake!), taking it to my parents’ (we still don’t have a dining table) along with a nice roast and all the ingredients for a salad and enjoying a really nice, realxed time with my parents, my sister, my grandparents and, of course, Philipp, I got up at twenty to seven in the morning, washed my hair as well as I could and sat in the doctor’s waiting room at 9 o’clock.

From there, I was sent to see my ophthalmologist, and he sorted everything out.

My ophthalmologist is really good (or so I think, I am, of course, no real judge), so when I had told him what had happened, he simply nodded and said: “Ah, yes, don’t tell me anymore. I don’t even have to examine that (though, of course, I will, don’t worry). But before I start – I have had lots of people coming in with that and they’re all afraid of their eyesight and they have all recovered, I promise you. It’s harmless. Just very, very painful … Now, if you’d put your head here …”

Now, I was lucky – it seems that a cut in the cornea isn’t dangerous. Indeed, the eye can deal with it fine, there is just the danger of getting a bacteria infection, because the protection is of course broken in one place. Apparently, the cut wasn’t small, because during some point during the examination, he said: “You’re a brave woman by the way, that’s quite some cut …” Yay me.

So I got some paste to smear into the eye against bacteria and the advice to get something for the pain indeed (why do the English say “for the pain”? Shouldn’t you say “against?”) and to keep the eye closed a lot, so it could heal fast. I was REALLY relieved – I’ve got bad eyesight and can’t find my glasses when I don’t have them on, so everything about eyesight is a touchy subject (but I think that everybody joins me in that – as my granddad said on the phone later that day (we had, of course, cancelled everything, because if I couldn’t SEE the cake then I couldn’t bake it): “Eyesight is too precious not to be worried about.” Very true.).

Did I mention that I got THREE books for my birthday? My parents gave me an awesome book with baking recipies and Philipp not only got me Haruki Murakami’s new anthology, but also (get ready for this again) …. The Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I love that man.

In the evening, my sister called and asked whether we’d like to come round and, having slept a lot during the day (I was really exhausted, my body has never been one to pull an allnighter), and having taken some pain killers (the first in years. Normally, I don’t take any and just sit it out), I agreed.

The evening was really nice, I didn’t see anything, of course, but we had made some sort of eyepatch (my sister went and got me a real one that very evening), so I could stand the light, my parents gave us cake (Philipp had bought cake as well! He’s so sweet!) and we sat and talked a bit.

The next two days were spent knitting granddad’s Christmas socks (eyes closed), peeking at the Knitter’s Almanac, listening to music and sleeping every now and then.

So ,yeah. I’ve finished granddad’s socks, by the way. And blocked my Multnomah. And started the Christmas socks for Little M.’s gran. I should get round to taking pictures this weekend, so I’ll show them. 🙂


Have a great, great Friday, folks! Weekend is almost there. 🙂


P.S.: The eye was fine by Saturday, by the way. The paste worked fine, no infection whatsoever and we celebrated on Sunday – with a roast and the apple cake. Anybody want the recipe? It’s awesome!