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Handmade! Or: Stash additions (TONS of pictures!)

Ausbeute Handmade 2014

Hi folks! 😀

Are you okay? I have been really busy last month, we still haven’t unpacked all of the boxes – since today, Philipp’s CDs and most of our DVDs (I never knew we had so many!) have found their place and it dawns on me that I won’t have space enough for all of my books … Again. (Funny conversation between me and Philipp today:

Philipp: “But you have more space than in your old flat! How can this be not enough?”

Me: “Well, I don’t know if you noticed, but books were piling everywhere, darling …”)

We’ll see if we can find a solution for that, there always is. If there isn’t enough space, I’ll get rid of books I don’t intend to read once more and that’s it.

I also had to write another version of the exposé for my dissertation – I want to have a scholarship, so I have to explain what I’m gonna do, how that fits into the scholarly context, what makes my dissertation unique and different from all the rest … The first two versions were not so good, because I had no idea how to tackle that, but I’ve come to look at it like painting a circus poster! You know, one of the old fashioned-ones, with tigers and clowns and horses and elephants … I’ve worked on that every day last week and on Tuesday, my professor and me will meet and she’ll tell me what she thinks of it. 😀

And now … on to the eye candy!

Ausbeute Handmade 2014

As I said in my previous posting, the handmade was in town again. Since I have already been twice (see here and here), I knew what to expect and saved a bit of money during the year. And if you asked me how it was – awesome, folks. Just awesome.

As you can see, I bought A LOT this year – this picture doesn’t feature everything! After I took it, I remembered that I forgot some small stuff, but I can show that in another posting. SO! Shall we go?

When we got to the festival, I decided that I’d not only look for wool for myself, but also for a couple of Christmas presents. I have made a list so far, so I knew what was needed. But first, things for meeee ….

Schoppel Zauberball Schokoladenseite

Funnily, this was the last ball of yarn that I purchased. It is another Zauberball (I have another one in black and white, called “Light and Shadow”) and I intend to mix it with this one, which has lovely brown and orangy and grey shades to make a scarf, something like a Noro Striped Scarf. I guess it will look a bit like steampunk, which is a great genre! 😀 It’s caled “Schokoladenseite”, which means “one’s best side” in English. On to the second …

Opal Sweet&Spicy2 Chili

This yarn was among the first haul at the booth of the Sockenmanufaktur (sock manufactory). They have great yarns, lots of Zitron, but also Opal and Regia – and Drachenwolle, too! This is from the new Opal collection “Sweet and Spicy 2” – the colourway is “Chili”. I really love brown and red, so this was very nice. 😀 I also bought

Opal Sweet&Spicy 2 Weintraube

this yarn in the colourway “Weintrauben” (grapes). It will be my Christmas present for my granddad and I have already started the pair of socks I’m going to knit with it … More in a separate post!

Regia Antik Color 02

The last yarn at the Sockenmanufaktur booth was this one – this is “Regia Antik color” and it is truly, truly lovely. Although it is often listed as “turqouis” on ravelry, it is really a mixture of blue and gray – and cables look great with it! They’ll be turned into socks for Little M.’s gran – but if I can’t fit them in before Christmas, she’ll get them for her birthday, which is in March. Time enough for this pair!


The next hank of yarn was the most difficult decision during the festival. I loved the colours, but somehow it didn’t scream “take me home!” – probably because I have so many great Ponderosa yarns already … But then – look at the colourway!

Ponderosa SexDrugsAndRocknRoll 02

Sex, drugs and RocknRoll? count me in … Although I’m not about drugs. 😉 But this IMMEDIATELY reminded me of T.C. Boyle’s “Drop City”, which is my favourite book! And it REALLY is mindblowing …

Ponderosa SexDrugsAndRocknRoll 01

See what I mean? I have no idea what to knit with it – socks, probably, since it looks very busy, but we’ll see … For now, I’m just happy looking at it, it makes me smile so much. 😀

The next ball of yarn …

Meilenweit Aloha

Is for mum. Seriously, I had no idea that LanaGrossa had such beautiful yarn in their program right now! I was debating a couple of minutes whether I should by a ball for me, too … But Philipp talked me out of it by telling me (very sensibly) that I always complain that my shawls are too small for me and that it’d take two balls to make one big enough … So I decided to buy just this one and knit socks out of them. This is also an optional Christmas present, because my mum’s birthday is in April – if I don’t make it by the 24th, I can always give it to her later. 😀

And now … We’re getting to the real eye candy …

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 violett 02

This, my dear friends, is yarn porn. Seriously. I have looked at the Lana fina page so often that when I told Philipp after buying the yarn, he simply said: “Then why didn’t you buy it sooner?!?” This is 80% Merino and 20% Nylon, soft as … Merino and it is a gorgeous lace yarn that comes at 1200 metres per 100 grams. Yeah.

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 violett 01

This will be turned into a lace shawl for my gran and is the second Christmas present I intend to finish until the 24th. I haven’t completely decided on a pattern yet – I am still debating whether Morrigan or the Echo Flower Shawl or Regenerate. I’m almost sold on Morrígan, but she’s the goddess of death and I’m a bit superstitious here … What do you think? Knit it nonetheless? Which one would you pick?

Lana Fina Merino Lace 1200 mandarine

The purple yarn was so beautiful, but what really got my attention at the booth was this wonderful clementine orange. I don’t know whether orange really suits me – red does, but yellow doesn’t – but this one will be turned into a lace shawl and I am so, so happy that I treated myself to it!!!!! And, finally …

Soutdown fibre

One for my spinning pleasure. This is 100% Southdown, it’s a bit rough but that isn’t bad – the lady at the booth told me that this makes really nice socks, so I’ll try and spin it as a 4-ply. 😀

Philipp, by the way, was successfull, too! I love that he isn’t one of the guys who is being dragged on a leash around places like this … If he doesn’t want to go, he says so and if he comes with me, he is alsways interested and sees to it that he has a good time as well. 😀 There are a couple of booths with homemade, special food and being a really good cook and a gourmet, he treated himself to a few samples of mustard last year. This time, a booth with different jams caught his attention and he left it with two jars – one with pear jam and one with coconut-banana jam. I’m not a big fan of pears and I eat bananas in porridge and sometimes, raw, but he is really enjoying them and this is all that counts.


I, for my part, have decided that I am not going to buy any more wool for me this year. If I need a bit more for a present, fine – but now, I have so much lovely, lovely wool sitting in my stash that I really want to knit this up before I spend a huge amount of money to consume more.

Okay, lovely folks – we’re at winter time again, but it’s shortly before ten – and there is a Multnomah shawl that needs its stitches sewn off (which really is a Herculean task). I hope you liked the little tour de stash!

I’ll talk to you soon! Take care!

Julia 😀


9 thoughts on “Handmade! Or: Stash additions (TONS of pictures!)

    • To be honest, I was close to snatching up WAY more than these two … Just the fact that I had set myself a financial limit stopped me. 😉

      I loved regenerate! I am a bit afraid it will be a bit boring, but then again, it shall be wearable, and that’s what I like about regenerate. Thanks so much for your comment! 😀

      • true!!!! So true!!! You’re right, stockinette will be much faster … Also, the shawl is still very beautiful but not over-fancy, so my gran is more likely to wear it more often. 🙂

    • Awww, thank you so much! 😀
      Sometimes it’s a bit tedious having so many odd balls of yarn, because you cannot make really large projects with them. On the other hand, I also have some collections for sweaters by now and that’s fine as well.

      About the gift-making – compared what I’ve been reading on the ravelry forums every week (especially before and after Christmas), I’d rather consider myself the lucky one. 😉
      I only knit when I know it’s appreciated – since my parents and especially my grandparents know how much work goes into a handmade item (my granddad always says that you can’t price handmade items highly enough to compensate for the hours and hours they take to knit, sew, crochet …), my folks know that if they get something handknit, that’s worth a ton.
      Also, I won’t buy anything else. So if my mum gets socks, she gets – socks. I once did the math and calculated that a pair of handknit socks costs about 180€ – yarn is not included. 😉 I won’t buy something extra then for sure …

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