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The day after tomorrow.

We’re moving on Tuesday.

The apartment looks like … I don’t know what. It’s chaos. Sheer chaos. Chaos galore. I’m worried that I won’t make it until Tuesday, which is ridiculous, because I’ve got no other chance. 😉

Nanny Ogg is still in her box and since she decided to sit on the wall, we couldn’t get her out. Tomorrow has to be the day then.

On Tuesday morning, I’ll leave this space. I have spent almost six years here, most of my studying years. I have changed a lot during this time – I am not the person who moved in shortly before December, battling a flu.

Sometimes I think “this is the last time I’m walking home this way. This is the last portion of porridge I will ever cook on this stove”, but nothing inside me moves. That’s good. I don’t want any more drama.

I’m really looking forward to it and I’m scared at the same time.

On Wednesday, I’ll come for the last time, cleaning the flat, getting my deposit back and taking a last look with my landlord’s son to see if everything’s in order.
Another big part of my life ends on the day after tomorrow. We’ll see how the next one goes …

Have a wonderful morning, folks! Take care! 😀


6 thoughts on “The day after tomorrow.

  1. Good luck with your move!

    We’ve lived in our apartment for three years now and I have a feeling that sometime in the next year or so we’ll be leaving it. I think I’m ready, but this has been home for so long that it’s hard to imagine just leaving it behind.

    Of course, if the move is for good reasons, then it’s a good thing. I hope everything goes well and you enjoy turning a fresh space into home 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Angela! 😀

      It’s weird how hard it is to leave a certain place and how easy to accomodate somewhere else. A couple of months ago, a friend of mine, who has moved a lot so far, told me that as soon as your stuff is in the new space and out of the boxes, it’s home. And so far – it’s true. 😉 I own one particular shelf and now that this is filled with books, it’s home. 😉

    • Das hat definitiv geholfen, danke! 😀 ich habe auch gedacht, dass wir richtig Glück hatten mit allem … Soweit war alles prima und auch die woche “Urlaub” war ja noch schön. 😉

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