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Sunny Feet and Seaside Anklets

Hi friends!

My, my, the weather has been crazy during this last week … Two days of continuous rain without so much as a five minute break and then one thunderstorm per day … What a summer!

Seaside Anklets 01 Sunny Feet 01

In my last posting, I mentioned that I had knit two pairs of sneaker socks. Since I have made it one of my knitting goals this year to do a bit of destashing (which has gone … erm … yeah … let’s leave that for another posting, okay?), I wanted to use some of my scrap yarn.

After seeing a couple of sneaker socks turning up on ravelry, especially in the German group for sock knitting, “Sockenstrickereien” (link to group page), I decided I’d give it a try. I had several blue leftovers from the Blue Period that looked like they’d go together very well , so I weighed out three yarns and set to work.

Seaside Anklets 04

As you can see, I have knit the socks in three different yarns – the light blue I used for the foot is the yarn I used for Little M.’s gran’s socks (ravelled here). The darkish blue on the cuff, heel flap and heel comes from the leftover ball I made Philipp’s Syncopation Socks of. For the toe, I used leftovers from Philipp’s Sidekick Socks.

Seaside Anklets 03


To spice things up a bit, I chose Taina Anttila’s Tennarisukka pattern (link to pattern page). It’s easy and adds a bit of interest to what could  have become a little bit of a drag … Stitch definition is great with the light blue yarn and the socks knit up surprisingly fast – it took me one day to knit each sock.

Seaside Anklets 02

Ah yes, and HERE you can see where I switched needles … I don’t know why, but somehow I haven’t manged to keep my stitches even when purling in the round. Others don’t have these problems, but my stitches always are loose. This is quite unnerving and although I already purl the first stitch backwards when starting a new needle, this problem cannot be solved … Except by knitting all purl stitches on ONE needle like I did when knitting the right sock. 😉 I’m grateful for advice on that matter!

Sunny Feet 02


After all the trouble about my dad’s head circumfence, I decided to go on and knit myself another pair of sneaker socks. With the weather being so inconsistent at the moment, it’s very advisable to have warm feet or you’ll catch cold faster than you can say “Sneeze”.

Sunny Feet 03

For measurements, I used the Tennarisukka pattern again, but this time didn’t knit the pattern, but did a k2,p2 for the cuff and a k2,p1 for the foot. The heel flap on both pairs was knit in stockinette, but you can see here that I did a garter tab for the heel (also on the blue pair, but I thought you could see it better here).


Sunny Feet 04


After photographing them, I handed them in for the Nerdology Challenge for the NerdWar’s second round. The theme this time was “Fan Squee”, so I devote these socks to Nanny Ogg, one of the witches from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld! 😀

Sunny Feet 05

Okay folks, I’m back to hat-knitting (just reached 9,5 cm! Woo-hoo!)!

Have a wonderful Sunday. 😀


Projects are ravelled here: Seaside Anklets and Sunny Feet


4 thoughts on “Sunny Feet and Seaside Anklets

  1. Your socks are lovely. I like to knit socks on DPNs and have the heel stitches on 2 needles and all the front/ top of foot stitches on a third. Then any loose bits are less obvious.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, that’s so sweet! And of course, your’s is a wise suggestion and as usual, I didn’t see the easiest and most practical solution for that problem. 😉 Have an awesome evening!!!

      • Well I watched the footie (Surprise! Surprise!) and sorted through some yarn at the same time. It’s strange as my husband is the football fan but I felt that being married to a German I should at least watch for him in absentia!

      • You watched for me, too. 😉 I used to watch quite a bit of football, but this worldcup was too corrupt for me and I couldn’t bear the thought of spending so much time watching an event for which so many people were forced to leave their homes … Big sports events and mass media and all the politics upset me lately a lot.

        But Philipp watched as well, and most of my family, too! 😀 I have to sort through my stash again as well … I’ve hit the 50% mark of the brim of the hat, but I want to knit something colourful again!!! SO MUCH!!!

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