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Socks for Him and Socks for Me

Hi everyone!

Did you get through your week? I hope so – this weekend, there is a huge event in the Ruhr area (more about that at the end of the post) and I can’t believe it is almost July already!!!

Speaking of the end of June – I decided to participate in my first game of the NERDWARS! It’s so much fun – if you have never heard of it, here’s how it goes:

At the beginning of a tournament you chose a team you want to play with – there are all kinds of groups you can join, “1UP” (for gamers),  “Brass Octopus” (for Steampunk), “Precioussss” (for everything Tolkien has ever written), “Team Bazinga” (for all the fans of “Big Bang Theory”) … As I said, we’ve got all sorts. I had a hard time deciding which team I wanted to belong to, but in the end I chose team “1 More Page” which is for all booklovers. 😀

For me

For him












Each tournament consists of three rounds, each of which lasts a month ( or rather, 28 days). You get five challenges and have to knit/crochet/weave/dye/spin … something that meets the challenge. This time, we had “Magnetic Attraction”, “Sidekicks”, “It does a body good” (for charity), “Flexible schedule” (for WIPs) and “Libraries”.

I flipped through what I wanted to knit and decided to participate in “Sidekicks” and work on some of my WIPs …

Now, one of the WIPs I was the brown scarf I started when I was almost finished with my MA thesis last September. It is nothing special, the finished item looks like this:

As I said, nothing special

As I said, nothing special

and I’ll give it to charity, which it was knit for.

The other project, however, was a pair of socks I started way back in April: Pillars Socks.  (link to project page)

Now this may be the first time that I managed to knit identical socks out of Opal yarn:

Pillars 06

And I really, really love them. The pattern is placed at the outside of the socks (some people did two “pillars” for each sock, but that was a bit much for me, to be honest) and is easy to knit and subtle, although visible. To connect the project with my group (something you have to do to meet the challenge), I pulled out my little stack of “reclam” books (they are red because they’re in the original English language):

Pillars 10

Pillars 11

Love them!! 😀

Now, for Philipp, I made a pair of Sidekick Socks, because who’s a better sidekick than the person who has endured me and my follies for almost ten years now?

Sidekick Socks 02

The pattern is almost invisible (sorry for the blurry photographs, by the way, we did them in the evening and light was already fading), but it is easy and prevents you from dying of boredom when you’re knitting men’s socks.

The yarn was on discount when we visited Aachen and this was the darker ball of two I bought. Although I’m not that fond of the colours (blue again, by the way ….), I like the effect:

Sidekick Socks 03

And as a team tie-in, I decided to chose a scene from one of my beloved children’s books: Herbie’s Magical Hat, by Otfried Preussler.

Sidekick Socks 05

In this scene, Herbie, the protagonist, meets his soon-to-be-best friend and sidekick Zwottel (a little ape-like troll with a huge appetite) in the woods. Shortly after their encounter, there is a huge thunderstorm and they both hide under Herbie’s magical hat, which is big enough to protect them both. Spending the night under the hat (and having to prevent it from being blown away) is their very first adventure together and marks the beginning of their friendship.


Okay folks, that’s all for now! I’m curious what’s for next round – I’ll be definitely knitting my father’s birthday present next month, and now I have to get ready for tonight – there is the EXTRASCHICHT in the Ruhr area, which means that all museums, sights, public places, etc. will be illuminated and filled with bands, food, etc. It’s raining today, but we’ll go nevertheless. RIGHT ON!

Take care!


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