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New Stash

Hi friends! 😀

Are you well? I hope so – my week off work is over and so is the nice weather, apparently … Since Monday, the sky has been mostly gray with a few occasional raindrops sprinkled over our heads (My, my. Isn’t that poetic. 😉 ).

First, let me welcome my new followers – it’s nice to have you here! 😀

I have been knitting a lot and started to learn French on Saturday afternoon! It’s more of a game so far, I’m using http://www.duolingo.com , a free website that offers a language course by giving you translating exercises via listening comprehension, “fill in the missing word” exercises, etc. It doesn’t provide you with any “real” grammar, just what you grasp from doing the exercises, but I’m having lots of fun.

I have learned approximately 80-90 words so far and borrowed Philipp’s old French school books so I can look up the necessary grammar parts. The whole thing works by word fields and you start with “girl”, “man”, “boy” and “woman” and useful verbs such as “eat” and “drink” (It is French, after all!). Now I can successfully say “The black cat eats the red book” (Le chat noir mange le livre rouge), which will be probably all I need for my next holiday! :mrgreen:

But really, it’s fun! There are more courses for English native speakers, you can learn French and Italian and Spanish and even German and Irish and I don’t know what else … Try it out if you want to, it’s free! And they’ve got a cute mascot!

Sooooo … on topic …

Misto 02Let me start of by saying that  …. I have a problem. It’s STASH.


You know, although I am aware that buckets and buckets of wool are not a problem at all for many knitters and crocheters (quite the contrary, from what I have read on many blogs and on ravelry postings) – I have a problem with too much wool.

My stash page shows 68 wool entries – and that, as we all know, doesn’t say anything about the number of skeins you have from a particular yarn.

And it’s too much.

Not that it’s completely overwhelming (not yet) – but I really seldom manage buy “guilt-free yarn” , because there is so much of it at home … And the second part of the problem is that it is mostly single balls of self-patterend or handpainted sock yarn.

Don’t get me wrong now – I LOVE Opal and Regia and handpainted yarns … But since I am not a big fan of knitting very delicate, complicated patterns into brightly coloured wool, I’m somewhat limited …. Including the “leftovers” (and we are talking of “30 grams left” here), I have now 42(!) entries for fingering weight only.

Now, the blanket takes a bit of that away, to be sure. And I can knit socks with scrap yarn as well, no problem.

But then I am somewhat hesitant actually use the beautiful yarn I bought (If I knit it up, it’s gone) and I don’t want to knit a thousand scarves and shawls, although this is mostly what I can knit. :/

So, here’s the thing …  I want to go to this year’s Handmade festival and splurge a bit and buy wool without having the little voice in the back of my head pouting and telling me that maybe I should knit up what I bought last year and, oh, the year before last ….

…because “SABLE” is something I don’t want to establish.

So I decided not to buy any more wool until the next handmade, except it’s something really, really special.

Despite all this, I went to my LYS and bought some more …

Regia Silk 01

… because this is for my Dad’s birthday. (STOP READING, DAD! If you read this blog, that is …) He is the only one in my family (excluding Philipp’s dad) who hasn’t received something handknit from me yet and I will change this now. I’m telling more about this project soon.

And then …. then I went  and bought this today:

Misto 01

And there really isn’t an excuse for this, except that it is DK weight and consists of cotton and acrylic (so I can throw it into the washing machine) and I’ve wanted to make this sweater for ages and it was 1,99€ per ball.

I would have needed only seven, mind you, but since these were on sale and there were only eight balls left … I bought aaaaall the baaaaalls (preciousssssssssssssss).



Take care and talk to you soon! I promise, I’m gonna answer the questions for the blog award as well …

Julia 😀


2 thoughts on “New Stash

    • Right. :mrgreen:
      I actually bought this issue of the German “Knitter” magazine and as soon as I looked at the picture I wanted to make one for me … I like straight, simple garments with not too much fuss. 😀 Let’s see how it goes! But first, I’d like to finish my gardigan …

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