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Seaweed Socks in Lime

Hey everybody! 😀

Is everything alright in your part of the world? I hope so … It has been a raining a bit since this afternoon, but the weather will be REALLY HOT during the Pentecoste weekend – up to 30°C! I don’t have to tell you what this means for my flat … 😉

I am very happy to announce that my  socks are finally finished! Like the shawl in the last posting, these socks were also a testknit, this time for Penny from KnitbyBitDesigns (that’s her username on ravelry, by the way).

Penny has created beautiful patterns, mostly shawls, cowls and socks (usually toe-up) and I have testknit a couple of times for her. You already caught a glimpse of the socks in this posting, when I made a boo-boo …

But after that, it was smooth sailing. I hit the deadline (in fact, I had plenty of time left) and the second sock really knit up in no time.

And now, they are finished, and I am still awed by the combination of lime-green yarn and this beautiful pattern :

Seaweed Socks 06


The pattern consists of crossed stitches that are carried up over two rows and a bit of lace on the sides:


Seaweed Socks 07

I really, really love them, because they look far more difficult than they actually are. 😉

Seaweed Socks 08

And although I somehow managed to make 8 (EIGHT!) WIPs at the same time, I am very, very happy to have knitted this pair of socks in between.


Seaweed Socks 09

Love and hugs to you all! Take care!



P.S.: The Welcoming Jacket is almost finished! I bought the buttons today …


9 thoughts on “Seaweed Socks in Lime

    • Thank you so much!
      I agree – I love Penny’s patterns, they are all well thought-trough and fun to knit! It’s not mindless knitting for me, but it’s always a very pleasant challenge. 😀

    • I know, right? The best part is that due to the elongated stitches you can really knit this pattern even with handdyed, very variegated yarns. I love it … 😀

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