Socks for Him and Socks for Me

Hi everyone!

Did you get through your week? I hope so – this weekend, there is a huge event in the Ruhr area (more about that at the end of the post) and I can’t believe it is almost July already!!!

Speaking of the end of June – I decided to participate in my first game of the NERDWARS! It’s so much fun – if you have never heard of it, here’s how it goes:

At the beginning of a tournament you chose a team you want to play with – there are all kinds of groups you can join, “1UP” (for gamers),  “Brass Octopus” (for Steampunk), “Precioussss” (for everything Tolkien has ever written), “Team Bazinga” (for all the fans of “Big Bang Theory”) … As I said, we’ve got all sorts. I had a hard time deciding which team I wanted to belong to, but in the end I chose team “1 More Page” which is for all booklovers. 😀

For me

For him












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New Stash

Hi friends! 😀

Are you well? I hope so – my week off work is over and so is the nice weather, apparently … Since Monday, the sky has been mostly gray with a few occasional raindrops sprinkled over our heads (My, my. Isn’t that poetic. 😉 ).

First, let me welcome my new followers – it’s nice to have you here! 😀

I have been knitting a lot and started to learn French on Saturday afternoon! It’s more of a game so far, I’m using , a free website that offers a language course by giving you translating exercises via listening comprehension, “fill in the missing word” exercises, etc. It doesn’t provide you with any “real” grammar, just what you grasp from doing the exercises, but I’m having lots of fun.

I have learned approximately 80-90 words so far and borrowed Philipp’s old French school books so I can look up the necessary grammar parts. The whole thing works by word fields and you start with “girl”, “man”, “boy” and “woman” and useful verbs such as “eat” and “drink” (It is French, after all!). Now I can successfully say “The black cat eats the red book” (Le chat noir mange le livre rouge), which will be probably all I need for my next holiday! :mrgreen:

But really, it’s fun! There are more courses for English native speakers, you can learn French and Italian and Spanish and even German and Irish and I don’t know what else … Try it out if you want to, it’s free! And they’ve got a cute mascot!

Sooooo … on topic …

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Welcoming (the) Jacket

Hello everybody!


I hope you are all well – I am sorry for my longish absence, but although I didn’t have to work last week, there was much to do and I really didn’t get to writing any blog entries.

I have been to the library a lot and I managed to get some studying done for my dissertation – it was demanding, but so worth it! I love doing this and although it is sometimes hard to concentrate for 3-4 hours straight, I am so calm and happy when I have finished summarising another chapter or read another relevant article – one step closer! 😀

So – this is where we left off last WIP-Wednesday, right?

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Seaweed Socks in Lime

Hey everybody! 😀

Is everything alright in your part of the world? I hope so … It has been a raining a bit since this afternoon, but the weather will be REALLY HOT during the Pentecoste weekend – up to 30°C! I don’t have to tell you what this means for my flat … 😉

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