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A Black Swan

Hi folks!

Étaín 03

Is everything alright? It has been wonderfully warm today and after I gave my vote in the European election (did you vote? Is that expression correct?) I went to the park near my house to spend a couple of glorious hours soaking in the sunshine, knitting on a sneaker sock (because 5 WiPs are not enough, right?) and catching up on “A Sword of Storms” … it was bliss. Totally bliss. I don’t mind that I have to go to work tomorrow! 😀 On topic ….

For a couple of months, I have been a member of the ravelry group “Free Pattern Testers”. The idea behind this is that designers can find willing testknitters (or crocheters, too, for that matter) easily, while we (= the happy guineapigs) get gorgeous patterns for free. 😀

I have knit a couple of socks already, mostly socks – the Hawthorne Socks are a good example, for instance – but I have never testknit a lace shawl. Étaín changed that.

Étaín (pattern link) is a lovely, lovely lace shawl, knit from one side to the other – this means that you knit the edging first (please ignore the chaos in and on top of my stash box):

After the edging is all finished and bound off, you pick up stitches along the straight side (on this photo, it’s the left side) and knit in garter stitch. GARTER STITCH! Now you know why I wanted to knit that. 😉 I also loved the story behind the name of the shawl – you can read that on the pattern page as well, and I really appreciate it when I can learn something new when knitting a new pattern! 😀 YAY!

I had a bit of a hard time picking up all the required stitches, to be honest, but only because I never knit a shawl constructed like this. The instructions were very well laid-out and presented and the edging itself is very, very easy. 😀

The deadline for this was the 5th of MAY and it was on the 5th that I cast off the shawl (not by sewn bind off this time, although this fits garter stitch beautifully, but with a traditional bind off, using 6mm needles instead of the 5mm that had been used to knit the pattern.). The picture on the blocking board is of course not very beautiful …

Étaín 04

… but this one should do nicely, right? 😀

This picture was taken at Philipp’s house, during his father’s birthday party. As you can see, the weather was glorious and so we decided to hang the shawl up on the washing line for a moment …

Étaín 05

I love how the light filters through the shawl. 😀

  Étaín 07

The yarn is Regia Lace, by the way, and was a Christmas present of a member of my knitting group! 😀 Thanks again, Gabi!

After the photoshooting I gave the shawl away to Little M.’s grandmother, by the way – she had seen me knitting the border on Easter andhad already expressed interest. When I showed her the finished object, she was really fond of it, and when she heard that this was going to be HER shawl (if she wanted it), she was over the moon with joy! She wrapped it round her neck and there it stayed for the rest of the day … I have also made her a pair of socks for Christmas and she told me that she was worn them so many times already and is a complete fan.

It’s so awesome if your family is absolutely knitworthy …

Have an amazing week, folks! I got a blog award and will answer the questions this very week! Stay tuned! 😀


As you can see,


3 thoughts on “A Black Swan

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      truth be told, I think I am pretty lucky so far … Comparing to some stories I have read on ravelry … On the other hand, I am very, very careful when I ask somebody if they want something knit for them – and I ASK. Maybe that really makes some difference.

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