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The ending of unplanned silence

Lovely, lovely people,

how are you? SORRY for the big silence here, I didn’t mean to become so quiet. Somehow, April came and went, and I cannot believe that it is almost JUNE and the year is almost half-way over … WOW.

Somehow, so much happened during April: My Boss’s boss told me that my contract at work is NOT ending in Octobre anymore – but NEVER (ideally; of course you can still be fired), but I was told that they want me permanently. YEAH! This happened right before Easter, so it was very, very nice …

I got a letter from the Faculty of Protestant Theology inviting me (and people I took, so my family) to a small graduation “party” – it wasn’t a big thing but you get a symbolic diploma and there is a speech and some snacks and music … It was a very nice celebration. I got my grandparents, my parents, my sister and Philipp (of course) to come with me and they liked it a lot. Me too. 😀

Oh yeah, and then I pulled some muscles and had some fissures in my ankle when I sprinted to the tram and spraid my foot … It was nothing so bad, I got a lovely “cast” (you can take it off) and had to cool it a lot. It’s almost okay again, though. 😉

A few days later, I caught a nasty, nasty cold, so that week somehow wasn’t for me. 😉 It started on Wednesday evening and by Thursday, I was trying to do my best at work, between blowing my nose and washing my hands (at the end of the shift, I felt like Lady Macbeth!), but on Friday, I went to the doctor and was sent home straight. GREAT.

And THEN … THEN I finally gave in and started A Game of Thrones. OH MY. I haven’t done much else than reading during the last two weeks, I started A Clash of Kings yesterday and this is brilliantly written. simple as that. I haven’t enjoyed reading a book as much in a long time.

I also journaled a lot, every evening, to be honest, and I love it, it calmes me.

What else … Oh yes, I knit some socks!


These are a FIRST … There is something very, very special to them. The socks are called “Shoots and Sprouces” and I designed them myself.



I jumbled everything together from a stitch dictionary and knit on them while I cooled my ankle and blew my nose … And I love them, I truly do. I don’t know if anyone likes them, but I thought about writing the pattern up and making it a free download on ravelry … Would anybody of you care to testknit? 😀

Have a lovely, lovely day! Sorry this posting is so jumbled up again; there is more to show, but I’m too tired tonight. But the week is long …

Take care!


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