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Becoming friends

Hi there!


How are you? Is everything good where you are? The weather here is lovely, I didn’t get much sleep during the last couple of days, but every morning, I wake up and when I open the window – there is birdsong. Isn’t that lovely? I didn’t adjust too well to summer time which happened last weekend (it’s sooooo stupid!) and I still get very sleepy in the afternoons, but I guess I’ll get round to it this Saturday. 😉

Last week was off-duty for me, and it was filled with lots and lots of catching up with friends, staying at my grandparents’ aaaaand – SPINNING! YES INDEED! But I’ll tell you more about it in a few days. 😉 Today, I just want to give you a quick update on my very first cardigan.

As you remember, my row gauge was a bit off, but I set to work nevertheless, bravely cast on 38 stitches and started the raglan increases.

Then I ripped everything out, because I made a mistake about 5 increases in that I only realised when half of them were done.

But! I was committed. I was on a mission. I wanted to knit that cardigan, come what may, and so I bravely cast on 38 stitches and started the raglan increases (yes, that may sound familiar).

This time, it went well. I was knitting cautiously, counting my increases and counting the stitches after every row. Following an advice I got on the forums on ravelry, I did one more increase and it’s good that I did it.


This is what the cardigan looked like shortly before I put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn. Knitting is smooth, I freaked a bit when I checked my gauge and found it 4 stitches off suddenly, but everything has smoothed out and looks good. When I had to join the yarn for the first time, I sewed the threads into another, as I do it with sock yarn and this works fine, although of course a few stitches are bulkier than others.

Today, the cardigan looks like this:

I’m at 36cm for the back so far (that’s 14,4″) and have to knit until I hit 45cm (that’d be 18″). I was a bit concerned about the kf&b increases, but my gran assured me that they will hold up well. The only thing that puzzles me is that the arm holes are HUGE … And I am only supposed to pick up TWO stitches, when I think that FIVE will be a far better idea … We’ll see. I’m not at the point when I get to the sleeves yet.

Yesterday morning, I decided to knit one more row before going to work – and of course, I spilled a bit of tea on the cardigan. Black Tea with milk and sugar, of course. It’s on the left shoulder (right one on the photograph) and, to make this perfect, UNDER THE ARM.

But I’ve washed it out immediately and I hope that another go in the washing machine will exterminate the last stains.

So … Continue I must! Knitting I’ll be!

Love to you all!
Julia 😀

P.S.: I’ll model it for you soon. I just have to be comfortable with showing myself on camera … I like myself, but I look so stupid on photographs all the time.

3 thoughts on “Becoming friends

  1. It’s coming along very nicely! When you get to the sleeves, just leave the waste yarn in after putting the stitches on a needle as a lifeline.. if the 2 picked up stitches aren’t enough it’s easy enough to rip back and start again. Remember it’s just stitches, it can always be fixed 🙂

    • this is BRILLIANT! thank you so much I wouldn’t have thought of that! I am gonna do this exactly as you describe it, it should work beautifully!

      HUGE THANK YOU!!!! 🙂 Also so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  2. Your sweater is looking fabulous. I love knitting top-down raglans. You can try them on as you go and check the fit. Your raglan increases look really good. I’ve tried a number of different types of raglan increases and I think I like kf&b best.

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