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The End of the Blue Period

Hi there!

I hope you are all well and so is everyone around you? Not so good for me, though … A lot of people around me, both friends and colleagues, have suffered during the last couple of weeks, members of their families were seriously ill or have died … Somehow, this seems to happen at the end of the beginning of a new year. Since this weekend, a member of my family is in hospital and although it is nothing that is life threatening RIGHT NOW (but could become … They don’t know yet, they’ll do the examinations on Monday), I’m worried and worn-out and I have cried a lot and … Yeah. It isn’t the best of weekends and I have to concentrate on staying hopeful and positive and trusting God that everything will work out.

On to more cheerful stuff …

One thing I have noticed about my knitting is that I seem to go through colour stages. There has been a phase during which I’ve knit with a lot of red, a lot of gray …. And yes, a LOT of blue (I think most of my projects are in blue … WHY?!?). Although I just realise this when I see it spread out on the screen, it rarely happens that I get fed up with a colour consciously.

Well, it happened now.

It all started back in October, when I was knitting the Cup of Tea Socks for Little M.’s gran:

She loves the socks and has worn them many times – these are knit with Zitron XXL Trekking and it is one of the best sock yarns I’ve come across so far.

On Christmas day, I was finishing my first pair of socks for Philipp:

And can proudly tell now that this pair of socks have converted him into a sock lover! Although he said that he’d just wear them “at home”, he has put them on also on work days and since he found out that NO, handknit socks are neither scratchy nor too bulky, he loves them and has praised this pair to the high heavens.

On to the New Year! As you know, I had THIS disaster happening to me at the beginning of the year, and it ended in me casting on a pair of Jecks. Well, these are finished by now, in the lovely, lovely Opal colour way “Entzuecken” (“delight” in English):

I love these socks so much, and think it’s so, so, so funny that they started of as identical twins, but ended up as fraternals … The pattern is very easy memorize, two; just 2 rows continued.

After casting off, I started a new pair for Little M.:

And to finally answer the question: “Does she wear them?” – Yessssss, she does! When she came visiting, she was wearing the pink socks I made her last summer … But she tried them on willingly (she unwrapped them between two Barbie dolls of Disney’s “Ice Queen”, so they were not that interesting, of course, but I’m a big girl and can take this … 😉 ) and proclaimed that she’d be wearing these for the rest of the day and that they fit her well and that she loved the colours. UFF. 😀

While she was enjoying her new pair of socks, I was already knitting on these:

And YES, you’re right, these are for Philipp again. These are the Syncopation Socks (link to project page) and if you need a quick pattern for a guy or somebody who prefers nothing too fancy, but no vanilla … these are perfect. Very, very easy, and knit from the toe-up.

Soooooo …. That was that. But tell you what? I’m TIRED of blue. YES, there is still another blue shawl I am knitting and haven’t taken pictures from yet, but it is garter stitch, and I love garter stitch. So I hereby declare the END of the BLUE PERIOD. For a while. 😉

I am more than halfway through on a pair of testknit socks:

And they are BROWN for a change.

My blanket is still growing as well (a new picture will be taken soon). Also, I am swatching for MY VERY FIRST CARDIGAN. But more about that in a few days.

Okay guys, I’m off to the hospital shortly – please keep your thumbs pressed for us, will you?

Love to you all!


8 thoughts on “The End of the Blue Period

    • Thank you so much! I won’t be going to the hospital today, because we didn’t want the room (there are FOUR patients in there!) to become too crowded … Yesterday’s visit was fine, and I was a bit relieved after that. I guess we simply have to wait and see what the doctors’ opinion is … :/

      Thank you for your compliment on the socks as well, that’s very kind. 😀

  1. Here’s hoping that the end of your Blue (colour) period will mean the end of a blue (emotional) one as well. I am thinking happy thoughts for your family member, and for you as well. Take care!

    • Thank you so, so much for that (it worked!!! You have magic!). It was a really dreadful weekend, but it could have been worse and I have yet to learn to be more optimistic in difficult situations. I’m just relieved now … Thanks so much again. Really. It means a lot to me.

  2. Best wishes for your family. I hope all turns out well.

    Your socks are all lovely. I agree with you about Trekking XXL. It is my favorite all-around sock yarn. It knits up beautifully, and wears very well. Even after years of wearing and washing, my Trekking socks still look like new.

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