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Little Jeck for Little M.

Sometimes it’s hard being the aunt of a little girl.

After we had entered the pinkish phase, it has hit us now with full force. Last Christmas brought us the BIG PINK CASTLE WITH SPARKLES OF DOOM (click here to see it in all its horrible glory, but … You have been warned!) and now she’ll get a Princess Anna Barbie Doll from the new Disney movie (I’d rather had given her the reindeer, but oh well …) This whole affair has made me hope a bit that I’ll have a son one day – somehow, I think that I had a better time decorating everything with Spiderman, Batman, X-Men (I love the X-Men!), ZELDA … But then, it isn’t her fault, right? Ain’t I making the same mistake now, but reverse? It’s not her fault that the media lets the boys have all the fun!

I think that the biggest problem lies in me being completely different as a 5-year-old. I loved playing with LEGO, I loved books and painted a lot of pictures, listened to my records … But was almost completely uninterested in dolls and everything pink. (In fact, I was slightly revolted and refused to touch any of my sister’s pink toys for a little while. GREAT fun when we had to tidy up our room!).

So while I am completely against PINK and can’t for the world understand what’s so great about this … It isn’t about me, but about her. I talked this over with my gran yesterday evening and, being the wise woman that she is, she said: “Yes, you were different, I remember that … but do you want to ignore her wishes? If she wishes for this doll, you can find that as stupid as you like, but she wants it and if you want to take her seriously, you have to respect that. When a little boy asks for a doll and a pram to drive it around in, what are you going to do? If you want to make him happy and respect that wish, you buy the pram. You might buy a teddy bear instead of a doll, but nonetheless …”.

She is right of course. So we bought the doll and we will probably going to buy her one of the Disney classics on DVD for easter … There are enough of princesses around to pick one. 😉 I was thinking, maybe Arielle? Or Tangled? I loved tangled, because the protagonist (despite being very, very pretty and blond) is a very talented artist, has LOTS of interests and the movie was so, so funny … She is too young for Pocahontas (I loved this movie, but then, Pocahontas isn’t the typical damsel-in-distress-heroine, right? Quite the opposite! Plus all the political allusions) and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves IS very scary in the end (the same goes for Kiss the Frog! I loved the movie (especially the music and the protagonist!), but the voodoo-scenes … Never). Or maybe Beauty and the Beast?

So we’ll see. Also, there are LOADS of books with princesses around and I hope to find something that’s funny and cool (and pink).

I have to admit that I am very, very sceptical about these socks. Little M. saw the wool on Christmas, but of course it is something completely different in seeing the ball and seeing it knit up … Especially for a child.

My fear is that they are too dark for her taste (and too blue – no pink in there!).  I was being selfish, when I bought the wool. No pink! Dark, blue-ish purple and a bit of green. I hope she likes them. I hope I wasn’t too self-absorbed in knitting what I THINK she should like instead of accepting that her taste is different.

The socks are Jeck socks (click here to see the project on ravelry) in European size 31/32 with a linen stitch for the heel flap. The yarn is Regia Kaffe Fasset design line (click here for the ravelry entry), and it also comes in pink (and green). Maybe for Easter? What do you think? I was running low on the yarn, there is just 1 gram(!) of leftovers, not much … Soon, I’ll have to buy a 100 gram ball for her. She grows so fast …

Have a lovely, lovely weekend, folks!  Take care!


7 thoughts on “Little Jeck for Little M.

  1. I think they are beautiful socks. They may not be pink, but surely not everything she wears is pink? Your gran had very wise words of advice. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Thank you so much for the comment and the compliment about the socks! Thank the Lord, we are NOT (yet?) in a state were everything she wears is pink. She loves it, but also wears other stuff. She HAS, thrown a tantrum when she was presented a new item of clothing and was asked to try it on, because “NO I DON’T LIKE IT!” … at least, that’s what happened at Christmas. 😉
      We’ll see how it goes. She has a right to chose what she wants to wear, of course – and maybe, this isn’t so much about the colour, but about the fact that the socks are made especially for her.

      I also loved my gran’s advice! It was very important to me, because it really made me realise that I don’t have a problem with the boyish-stereotypes, which are just as stupid … I’ll tell her that you loved it, she’ll be happy to hear. 😀

  2. I gave this book to my granddaughter once and she and I loved it:
    Prinzessin Prunella und die purpurne Pflaume (Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut).
    I like your blog and have been following it quite a while.

    • Thank you so, so much! Both for commenting and for the book suggestion! I’ll definitely check it out. Funny how the translation works out … “Pflaume” is “Prune”(?) in English, while “Peanut” means “Erdnuss” … But translations are mostly crazy anyway. 😉 THANKS!! 😀

  3. My mum always had a way of thinking like you, since she was a member of the student movement in the 60s and a real fighter for feminist values, she never accepted the pinkish wishes of the two lovelies here. I always had an opinion more like your grans although I could understand why she didnt like those symbols of the clichee. Sometimes it was very hard to understand for the girls why my mum didnt buy any of the wishes from their wish list… and I sometimes was a bit angry that she at that moments ruined her grannystatus by being so strict sometimes. Luckily they had another granny who loved to fulfill every single pinkish wish, so it was okay for the girls, but to me it seemed somehow that my mum missed the point your gran made. Since both of those great grannies left us now, I try to balance between the two opinions to show them that some of those symbols are stupid and horrible, but if they wish for it they will get them anyway because I love them. I thhink it is important to make this balance: respect the wishes of the little princess but do not hesitate to explain why you dont like them as much as she does.
    Disney princesses, I looove them! I most like Merida, but i think her movie (Brave) is very scary sometimes with this dark wood and the giant bear… so Tangled is a great choice, I think, needless to say that I like best Igor, the one member of the Duckling Bar who likes to collect little unicorns…

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