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On Socks and Drinking Habits …

… Because I knew that everybody would read that. :mrgreen:

I hope that everybody is having a great weekend? I didn’t have a lot of free time so far: Friday and Saturday afternoon were both spent at my parents’, where my mum gave me a cooking course (two, actually). It worked well, I now have her recipes for fried potatoes (made in the oven with olive oil, bacon and an onion!), a REALLY great roast (Saturday) and savoy stew (Friday). It was great fun! I can cook, but not that many dishes, mostly because I don’t see a point in cooking LOADS of food if you’re living alone and don’t have any real space for cooking! If anybody would like to get the recipes, gimme a shout!

The Jeck is coming along nicely:

The first sock is finished and I think that I can start the heel flap of the second one this evening. I have to admit that it bothers me that I am so SLOW … Some folks in the German Sock Knitting group on ravelry have already shown pictures of their fifth pair! But then again – is it so important how fast I am? I don’t have that much time at the moment and if I want to read or have to do some research for my PhD that is starting soon, that’s okay. 😉

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to reduce the stress in my life, so I’ll knit on my sock when I have the time and feel like it and if I don’t meet the deadline of a KAL, then I haven’t met it, simple as that. The sun will rise the next day all the same. 😉

The other BIG resolution is connected to my drinking habits.

As I had written the headline, it occurred to me that a couple of you might have had other expectations about this blog post: Maybe a great, funny story about “The sock I knit while I was TOTALLY drunk and which ended up with two toes and three heel flaps!” or something. But since I don’t drink alcohol, this isn’t a problem. :mrgreen:

No, the problem lies within the drinking itself, or rather the amount of fluids that go into my body everyday: It is too small. I don’t drink enough. It started, when I was roughly 15 years old, and the biggest problem is that I don’t get thirsty – or that at least I don’t realise it until it’s too late. It is very likely that I have to go out in the afternoon at, say, 4pm and suddenly realise, while stepping out of the tram: “Heck, the only thing you had to drink today were the two cups of tea this morning.” Great.

I never really had any dangerous situations (usually, I manage to drink about 1 litre), but feeling dizzy all of a sudden and having a dry mouth, because you forgot to drink something when you are a grown-up adult is just plain stupid.
Add my love for salty food and salty snacks on top of that and you don’t have to have had any medical training to see that this is NOT the greatest combination that has ever existed. 😉

So, for this year, I decided to FINALLY make a habit of drinking enough during the day. I am aiming for 1,5 litres because, according to my doctor, that is enough (I always eat fruit and veggies, so my body does get extra water).

Now I have to say: This isn’t about planning. It’s more about paying attention to my eating and drinking habits. Realising that I eat a lot of salty foods as a substitute for a sandwich in the evening when I come home from work very hungry but too lazy to make myself dinner (!!!) definitely helped to cut them.

So what do I do? First of all, I want to keep track of what I drink during the day. I decided to drink lots of water, but also count the cups of tea. I know, they may not count. But, like coffee, that seems to change every month … 😉

Now I know that I am a great statistics-fan; on my blog and overall. 😉 So I made myself a spreadsheet in which I jot down every cup of tea and every glass of water/juice, etc. that I drink. The spreadsheet is divided into small glasses and cups (200ml) and big glasses and cups (250ml) – there is also the entry for 500ml of tea (it’s a big cup I take to work). During the day, I count the amount of fluids that I drink, after I finished a glass or a cup. I write down how much I drink during work and put it in the chart when I get home – that also helps me to know how much I still have to drink to meet my goal. In the evening, I add it all up and celebrate. 😀

In addition to this, I use my diary to motivate myself and celebrate my achievements. I don’t use stickers or markers, but instead, I tried something else:

As you can see, I drew little jugs for every day (they might NOT make it into the Louvre). When I know the amount of water/tea/juice, etc. I have drunk during the day, I write the number on the jug and colour it, just for fun, to make my Inner Child happy. ;D

So far, it has helped immensely, I can say that much. It isn’t bothering me at all, it has definitely increased the amount of water and decreased the amount of salt and sugar going into my body. In addition to that, I find that I can concentrate better, my skin has improved and – best thing – I don’t feel dizzy anymore! It also helps my self-esteem, because with every glass of water that I drink, I know that I nurture myself and do myself something good! 😀

I start the day with a glass of water and refill my glass as soon as it is empty to prevent myself from forgetting to drink.

So, why am I writing about this in so much detail? The reason is not that I want to brag about my great self organisation (hem-hem), but to help others, because I know LOTS of folks with the same problem. So, although this is a knitting blog and not about food and lifestlye and health, these topics have become very important for me during the last two or three years. Since it works for me, I thought I’d write my “method” down so that those of your who want to change their drinking habits but didn’t know how to start might get an inspiration. 😀

Here’s to you, folks! CHEERS. :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “On Socks and Drinking Habits …

  1. Ooo, ooo…can you please make a sock with two toes and three heel flaps? I’d love to see that! Haa…just joking! =P Anyway, it’s good that you’ve noticed that you don’t drink enough water in a day and are doing something about it. I sometimes forget to drink too, so I went to get myself a 750ml bottle and take it with me everywhere I go, be it at home or out. I make sure that I empty it and top it up at least twice a day then I know I’m drinking enough.

    • Thank you so much for you comment!
      I have recently re-checked the volume of my bigger tea cups and so far, my system has worked out well. After almost a month, it doesn’t feel like a battle every day. Taking a bottle with you all the time is a great way to keep yourself hydrated as well! 😀 Love this.

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