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Smoooooth ….

Hi there!

Do you remember this:

Yeah? That was my first knit of the year! The wool is lovely, lovely Drachenwolle in the most gorgeous colourway Limette (meaning “Lime”, I think I mentioned that). I decided to knit “The Stars at Night” socks, a wonderful, beautiful pattern that sprinkles tiny stars on your feet. I decided to knit these on DPNs, because although I know how to use the magic loop technique, I prefer to knit with tiny sticks. 😉 Also, I find that I knit tighter when knitting on a circular needle.

Now – why green? You see, there was this lovely, lovely book we had as children – it’s called “Little Mole and the Green Star” by Zdenek Miler. If you click on the link, it’ll take you to amazon.com – you can see a picture of Little Mole and the Green star there (surprise!) and learn what it’s about.

I took my wool and my needles and my pattern and cast on for the sock at my grandparents’ after tea.

And now: This. The socks are knit toe-up and I decided to knit them on 2,0mm needles instead of 2,5mm, because the pattern is “stretchy” and I cast on 60 stitches on 2,5mm needles if I knit a plain vanilla sock. So far, so good.

What happened after the cast on, cannot be put into words. I’ll best quote from my project page:

1st of January CO on 2,0mm needles.
Knit toe.
Try on.
See it’s too small. Swear.
Try getting Magic CO right for too many times to remember. Swear a lot.
Finally succeed.
Knit toe on 2,5mm needles.
Knit first row of pattern.
Realise that 30 stitches can not be divided by 4 and that there have to be 64 stitches indeed. Swear some more.
Tink back and knit one more row, increasing evenly.
Switch to 2,0mm needles. Start pattern.
Look at pattern after the first two repeats. Am highly sceptical. Pattern doesn’t look like “stars” at all. Swear again.
Am convinced by my guy to knit a few more repeats. Follow advice.

Conclusion: Sock is at 8,5cm. Fits tightly, but fine so far. Going to bed now. Knitting is so relaxing …

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What a great start into 2014, right? Makes me all confident in this being the year I knit my first sweater … 😉 The next day, I proceeded to work on the sock:

2nd of January Finished the foot and the gusset increases. Everything fine. Like yarn. Cannot see little stars, really, but that’s fine. Sock is quite snug, but pretty. Will turn heel and try to finish heel flap. Happy days.

~ ~ ~ ~

Disaster finally hit when I had finished the heel flap and started to work the leg. So far, everything had been beautiful:

The wool is simply gorgeous, as you can see, and YES it was MY fault that I broke on of my needles as I tried the sock on too early. No biggie.


Do you see the large part of pattern, right in the middle of the photograph? That’s a ladder. For those who don’t know what this means:  A ladder is a column of lose (or rather: looser) stitches that can occur on the fabric between two needles when you knit in the round on DPNs. You can eliminate them (or decrease their number) when you knit with the magic loop technique, because then, there are only two places at which ladders can occur.

By the time I had worked the pattern a couple of times, I realised that now there wasn’t ONE ladder; but FOUR.

And that was the point when that. was. IT.

Yes. I gave up. My first project in 2014, and it was a complete disaster. I shortly debated whether I should switch to a circular now and continue knitting with magic loop, but honestly? I had my doubts that I had to switch to 2,5mm needles for the leg anyway and by the end of the day, I was too lazy to switch again and then AGAIN. And the thought of having to knit a SECOND sock with all this argy-bargy about how many stitches and with which needle size and blahblahblah …. NO. DEFINITELY not, thankyouverymuch.

I set my knitting aside and went to bed. The next morning, as soon as I got up, I knew that I wouldn’t continue.

Truth be told, I am not quite sure what went wrong. The pattern is really beautiful and easy. The instructions are clear. Maybe I should have knit the whole thing on 2,5mm needles. Everybody who has knit this pattern was very delighted with their socks and nobody seems to have encountered similar problems like me. Ah well.

The end of the story?

I pulled out this lovely ball of yarn that Philipp gave me as a present after a really sh*tty (because hectic and stressful) day at work:

(This is Opal’s “Smile”-Collection; “Entzücken” means “delight”) and started my first “Jeck”:

Talkin’ about Keep Smiling … :mrgreen:

Have a great weekend, folks!

Julia 😀


8 thoughts on “Smoooooth ….

  1. While I understand your pain about the whole sock episode, I do have to say your writing was so brilliant that I couldn’t help but laugh at your notes. I am glad you managed to pick a different pattern and some lovely Opal sock yarn to knit up some new socks, perhaps after a time out you could try again on the pattern or at the very least find another use for the pretty sock yarn.

    • Thank you so much! 😀 I’m glad that I could make you laugh. 😉 And thank you so much for the lovely compliment!!!! 😀
      I don’t know whether my nerves are strong enough to try the pattern again any time soon, to be honest … but there is another KAL going on in a German sock group (we are knitting the “Waldgeist”) and the yarn is the perfect fit on the pattern. Plus, it can be knit on 2,5mm needles. :mrgreen:

  2. Oh, we’ve all been there! And as much as I don’t want to laugh at your frustration, I did chuckle to myself (in recognition, I assure you :)) That sock yarn is lovely, though – I hope you don’t punish it by letting it sit around in your stash for too long!

    • Thank you! It’s all for your entertainment. 😉 Naa, to be honest, I WAS quite frustrated – but one of my New Year’s resolutions was to train myself in patience so I won’t get upset by so much stuff anymore (that has happened too often during the last few months). So I tried to shrug it off – I tried to knit the pattern, it didn’t work somehow, so I’ll knit something else. 🙂 The KAL I want to use the yarn runs until March, so there is a bit of time left. 😉

  3. Love your post! I had to giggle (conspiratorially) in recognition at some bits. Been there, and done that too, even the needle breaking because I was trying on a sock too soon… thank goodness they put 6 needles in most sock needle packs! The yarn is very lovely, and I am sure you’ll find the best match for it soon. It strikes me as a nice yarn for lace?

    • Hi and welcome to my blog! 😀
      That’s right, the 6th needle is a great comfort (I was so glad t have it!). Lace would also be very nice for this yarn – it’s just that I was a bit worried that it might be too variegated (I’m not such a great fan of the emerging stripes). 😉 But maybe also something in lovely garter stitch? 😉

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