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A super-secret project revealed!


I hope you are all well, that nobody is so hung over that they wish for sudden death right now and that you all can have some peace and quiet for today. 😀

First of all, I’d like to keep a tradition I developed in 2013 and apologise for my longish absence. The weeks before Christmas were somehow quite stressful for me, I felt an inner tiredness and was very, very busy knitting the very last Christmas presents.

Being somewhat forgetful, I didn’t manage to take snapshots of all the socks I knit for Christmas – but every pair was received with great joy and my grandparents already told me that the socks fit very well. My gran, by the way, was very impressed by the faux cables in her 9-5 socks. 😉

I also finished the test knit I showed you in the last posting, but also haven’t managed to take a decent photo yet. Maybe today

T.’s scarf isn’t finished yet (sorry, T.!), but to defend myself I can say that I managed to knock out a pair of SECRET SOCKS for … drum roll …


YEAH! FINALLY, after buying me a lot of wool and bearing with everything that comes with loving a knitter, he finally got his first pair of socks.


Since they were a complete surprise project and I was working only on them to get them done before Christmas Eve, I wasn’t able to blog about them, and they were coming along slowly, as I was only able to work on them in his absence, and when I got a call from work if I could possibly work on the 23rd? I knew that it was impossible to meet the deadline. Ah, well. 😉



The socks were a somewhat double-surprise present: He didn’t know that he’d get socks (I also got him two games for his PS3, Ni No Kuni and Batman: Arkham Origins) and I didn’t know whether he’d like them and wear them at all.

In the past, he has declared several times that he just didn’t wear handknit socks, because they were “too warm”. Having been asked to play sock model for a couple of times now, he has changed his mind gradually.

I had a lot of fun knitting these. The yarn has sat in my stash for ages and was originally intended for these mittens. But since he had told me that if I was going to make him socks one day could I please use gray, brown or blue yarn? … The decision was easy and I could do a bit of destashing. 😀

I finished them on the 24th of December, a quarter after midnight (so, technically, it was the 25th already, but these are mundane details …) in his presence, which lead to dealing with a couple of uncomfortable questions, such as: “These are beautiful! Whom do you knit these for?”. As I had finally woven in the last end of yarn, I told him they were his, if he wanted them (I had already asked my granddad if he’d take them as well, just in case Philipp wouldn’t like them). His answer was a whole-hearted “yes!” and he seems very happy. 😀 Hopefully, this takes his mind off the hat I promised to knit for him last year and that has sat in woolen form in my stash since then … A-hem.

Okay, folks, I have to dash – I’m going to my grandparent’s to eat LOTS OF FOOD. I’m taking a bit of knitting with me that I have set aside specially for today:

Talk to you soon!

Julia 😀

3 thoughts on “A super-secret project revealed!

  1. This is so great! L also says wool socks are “too warm,” but was delighted when I knit him a pair of his own (and is wearing them today, since it is -27C today). If you’re not careful, Phillip will be asking for more socks all the time 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! I’m really curious whether he will ask for another one – and when. 😉 On Christmas, he declared that he’d wear them when we were visiting my grandparents, because he still has to get accustomed to wearing wool on his feet.

      BUT! I was very surprised to see that he was wearing them AGAIN yesterday … AT HOME! So I’m really sitting, observing and waiting … In my humble opinion, choosing a sock yarn that is washable at 40°C helped a lot. Now they have to survive the washing, then everything will be fine. 😉

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