On Socks and Drinking Habits …

… Because I knew that everybody would read that. :mrgreen:

I hope that everybody is having a great weekend? I didn’t have a lot of free time so far: Friday and Saturday afternoon were both spent at my parents’, where my mum gave me a cooking course (two, actually). It worked well, I now have her recipes for fried potatoes (made in the oven with olive oil, bacon and an onion!), a REALLY great roast (Saturday) and savoy stew (Friday). It was great fun! I can cook, but not that many dishes, mostly because I don’t see a point in cooking LOADS of food if you’re living alone and don’t have any real space for cooking! If anybody would like to get the recipes, gimme a shout!

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Smoooooth ….

Hi there!

Do you remember this:

Yeah? That was my first knit of the year! The wool is lovely, lovely Drachenwolle in the most gorgeous colourway Limette (meaning “Lime”, I think I mentioned that). I decided to knit “The Stars at Night” socks, a wonderful, beautiful pattern that sprinkles tiny stars on your feet. I decided to knit these on DPNs, because although I know how to use the magic loop technique, I prefer to knit with tiny sticks. 😉 Also, I find that I knit tighter when knitting on a circular needle.

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A super-secret project revealed!


I hope you are all well, that nobody is so hung over that they wish for sudden death right now and that you all can have some peace and quiet for today. 😀

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