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WIP-Wednesday: Knitting is my shelter

Hi there,

My advent wreath this year.

first, I’d like to apologise for the longish-absence, but the last ten days were not a good time to blog.

First of all, work has gotten hectic, a colleague has gotten ill over a longer period which of course means extra hours, and then (and this is something everyone will understand who has to deal with customers and works as a cashier/shop assistant/ etc.): The closer the date of Christmas, the grumpier and stressed out is the customer. 😉 Although it hasn’t gotten THAT bad yet … Let’s hope it stays that way!

Another reason things were quiet around this spot is that the last two weeks were … rough. I do not want to go into detail here, because this is something private, but I can say that it has to do with work. It’s not a worst-case scenario (so I’m not out of work!!), but at the same time, Philipp and my sister were having similar problems. So the mood wasn’t good and cheerful around here, but rather worried and (in my case) a bit gloomy and pessimistic, too, and I didn’t want to blog about this.

I tried to remind myself, however, that I am quite well off … I have a roof over my head, I don’t have to worry about where to get my next meal, my family and friends are all well (thank God!), I am healthy as well and I have a loving man by my side.

To distract myself, I continued to knit on T.’s scarf:

I know, it probably doesn’tlook very different from this post, and the blunt wooden needles are bothering my quite a bit, I must confess … but we’re getting there. Slowly, but surely. 😉

I have also drowned worries and sorrows in this:

This is my version of Frankie Brown’s famous Ten Stitch Blanket (ravelry pattern link!), made of every sock yarn that is machine washable at 40°C. A couple of months ago, Anna was knitting on hers during a knitting-group meeting and although I had looked up the pattern several times, I needed to see it in real life to convince me. 😉 Like Anna, I cast on 15 sts rather than 10 and I’m knitting this on 3,0 mm needles. I love it that there are memories of so many socks in there, and movies, songs and people the wool was used for. The yellow yarn is used up now and I’ve continued to knit with the white leftovers from my gran’s socks.

And then, when garter stitch and slippery yarn on blunt wooden needles were not enough, I worked on this:

This is a testknit and I will tell you about it soon – there is a ton of stuff to blog about, really, but I will show you this pair of socks when the second sock is finished. but you can already find it on my ravelry project page, if you want to take a peek. 😉

Okay, I’m off to bed now – tomorrow will be another busy day. Take care!

Julia 😀

P.S.: Sorry for the rotten English … It’s rather late.


7 thoughts on “WIP-Wednesday: Knitting is my shelter

  1. I hope things get better soon. I always have to remind myself of how much I actually have, too, whenever life gets me down!
    I love wooden needles, but you’re right, they could be sharper!

    • Thank you for your kind words! It was a bit rough to remind myself, but it worked (praying helped, too, no kidding!).
      My nickname is “Sonnenblumenimp”, I’m quite easy to find. 😉 I was already thinking about using different needles, but today it worked well, soooo … No need. 😉

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a rough two weeks. Sometimes knowing that you’re better off than many is cold comfort. Aren’t we lucky to have knitting to distract and comfort us? I definitely hunker down with my needles when I’m feeling stressed and/or frustrated.

    I hope things pick up for up for you!

    • Thank you so much for your support! It’s true, it wasn’t really comforting knowing that I am better off … 😀
      Knitting has DEFINITELY soothing abilities. It was a great relief to knit (and the meeting of my knitting group was also a good distraction). 😉

      The last two days have been a bit better, so I’ll guess I’ll wait and see how it goes.

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