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WIP-Wednesday: Making Christmas, making Christmas, LALALA!

Hi there!

Just a short interruption between the two postings about the huge stash additions: It’s WIP-Wednesday!

Of course, the title is another allusion to a Tim Burton-Movie: If you haven’t watched “A Nightmare before Christmas” yet – GO AND DO SO. The film is amazing (although I found it too scary when I was six years old) and very funny. The music is also great! Okay, back to topic …

Since last Christmas went surprisingly well present-wise (let’s not think about the Kramme Ugler and pleeease – let’s forget that I spent the 25th of Christmas finishing my mother’s second sock!), I was eager to repeat this experience and thus started to plan very early.

My Christmas knitting list for this year looks like this:

  • Gran: 1 pair of socks
  • Granddad: 1 pair of socks
  • Little M.’s gran (it’s too complicated to explain otherwise – promise!): 1 pair of socks
  • T.: A lace scarf

That’s it. I decided against knitting something for Little M., because I don’t want to bury her in handknit items she might not be very fond of – I’ll wait until she requests something again (either directly or via her mum or her gran. 😉 ) My mum will get something for her birthday (maybe), my dad doesn’t wear handknit items (I might ask whether he’d like a hat, and my sister indeed asked for a hat (!!!), was happy to receive it, wears it and looks great. 😀 )

To cut a long story short: Two pairs of socks are already finished and now the only thing left to do is to wait until T. has picked her pattern for the scarf. 😀 Hooray!

When it comes to presents, I think it’s usually best to ask specifically what people would like to get (there are, of course, exceptions). Some things, however, are safe: Since my granddad is very fond of his North Sea Socks (and told me so a couple of times!), it was easy to decide what to get him for Christmas. I’ll show you his socks shortly – same goes for Little M.’s gran. My gran, however, was a little more difficult: I didn’t want to knit her another shawl, since I never saw her wearing the first one (despite her telling me that she does wear it!) and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable to make her another maybe-unwelcome item. In the end, I decided to ask her right away whether she’d like to get a pair of socks. And, lo and behold – YES INDEED!

Of course, I forgot to photograph the yarn, but let me tell you that it’s a pattern I’ve already knit once and that it is WHITE:

This is the 9 to 5 pattern (link to project page!) and I’ve knit it once before for A., Little M.’s mum (I think I might have to start a list of dramatis personae …). Since my gran was born in 1932 and didn’t have shoes that fit her most of her youth, her feet hurt a lot and I decided to knit something stretchy. I was wondering if I should buy very soft yarn for a moment as well, but my gran wants her knitted items to be functional, and I knew that she wouldn’t like to get socks she can’t throw into the washing machine at 40°C. Gran didn’t decide on the pattern – I asked her if she wanted something with cables, but she only said: “Nothing too fancy! You knit such lovely socks – just pick something that’s quick and works well for you.” Apart from this very big praise, I know that she loved the pattern on A.’s socks and I do hope that she’ll love these.

(Sorry for the sh*tty light, by the way.)

Somehow, this pair seems to take ages … Probably because my grandfather’s socks are dark gray … And the socks for Little M.’s gran are blue. So although I love knitting with solid yarn (in my opinion, it’s simply the best for patterns), this is a bit tedious. But I have two other project to distract me from boredom and I’ll show them next week. :mrgreen:

My gran’s feet are size 41/42, exactly like my granddad’s, which makes everything easier. Today, I’ve finally started the heel flap and now I’m half way through already … Once I’ve turned the heel, it will be very fast (or so I hope).

I’ve even bought wrapping paper today (again, brown one), and ribbons as well:

I love them. It’s nothing too fancy, I love the colours and they will look great with plain paper. 😀

So, that’s all from me so far! Have an amazing day and see you soon …

Julia 😀

5 thoughts on “WIP-Wednesday: Making Christmas, making Christmas, LALALA!

  1. Oooh, what a gorgeous pattern!

    I am also knitting what feels like a million pairs of gift socks this year. But everyone loves them, so who am I to say no 😉

    • Thank you so much! It’s definitely one of the knits that look immensely complicated but are easy to knit … 😉
      I agree that knitting a “ton” of socks can be a bit … yeah … tiring. But on the other hand, I’m very happy that it is “only” socks (or an occasional hat or scarf), not a “make me a fany Fair Isle pullover!”-request. :mrgreen:

      I think the “problem” this year was indeed that parade of unicoloured tones in light blue, dark gray and white … The next project will be T.’s scarf, which is also charcoal gray. But THEN … I’ll knit something in green. For me. 😉

      Sorry for responding so late, by the way!

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