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A LOT OF WOOL and a lovely parcel! :)

Hi there. 😉

I won’t apologise for my looong absence (because it is getting ridiculous by now) – let me just tell you that I still don’t know how my mark on my thesis is and that it feels weird for me having nothing to do when I won’t work, which is quite often, because I have worked so many extra hours earlier in the year (especially in the late spring and early summer) that I don’t have that much to do anymore. The last time I had such a large amount of free time must have been in my school days … It’s nice being able to do what I like without the bad conscience nagging on me, because there still is another paper to write – but somehow, it drains a bit of energy from me as well and I still have to adjust myself to it.

A lot of other stuff has happened during my time away: Philipp and I went on holiday (again, Horumersiel – it makes me feel like I’ve hit the fifties already, but we wanted a quiet, relaxed time by the sea, so why not?) and for once I remembered to take a ton of pictures. 😀 I also bought a lot of wool and took a ton of pictures of that as well – I’ve seriously bought so much that I probably won’t put any yarn on my wish list for Christmas. More about that in a minute.

On Monday, I turned 27 and I had a very nice, relaxed day surrounded by my family. This weekend, T. is coming round and maybe E. as well, so we’ll do something fun and I get to bake again, hooray!

On Saturday, however, I got a little parcel … And look what was inside!

PLY magazine!!! Stacey, thank you SO SO much for sending me this (despite the ridiculously high postage)!!! Stacey had subscribed for this, but accidentally got the first issue twice, so she offered to send her spare one to one of the commentators … and I won!!! Truth be told, I was a bit hesitant at first, because I know that you have to pay so much money to send something from the U.S. to Germany – thus, I always have mixed feelings in entering into such things. BUT! Stacey said it didn’t matter and I was so, so, so, so happy to receive this!!! I’ve already read about 70% of the articles, marvelled at the beautiful pictures (and ads 😉 ) and got Philipp’s ears ringing by giving him a lecture about the differences between rolags, batts, rovings and locks … :mrgreen: So THANK YOU STACEY!!! It was a lovely early birthday present, I’m going to look whether I can get a copy of the magazine here as well – maybe I’m lucky and they’re shipping to Germany. 😀

I have started my Christmas knitting and have more than 50% done … the rest of my Christmas list isn’t going as well as last year somehow, because no one has decided on what they’d like … Grrrr! I’ll show you the presents soon, it’s safe. 😀

Now, about the stash picture above …

This looks like a lot of wool, doesn’t it? Well, for me at least, it does … this is all the wool I accumulated since finishing my MA thesis in September. Would you like to take a closer look?

This is what I bought as a reward after my thesis. Philipp and me went to Hattingen, a small city close to Bochum – the lovely ladies from my knitting group told me that the LYS there is absolutely amazing … And RIGHT THEY WERE! Both skeins on the left and right are from “Drachenwolle” (Dragon Wool), a German indie dyer who does amazingly beautiful yarns. The one on the left is in the colourways “Lavendelwolke” (lavender-cloud) and the green one on the right is “Limette” (lime). It will be knit into a pair of socks for me when I’ve finished my Christmas knitting.
The other two balls are Zitron Wolle, and although I have only knit from the blue yarn (part of the Christmas present), all I can say is that it is truly delightful and that I will buy more of this yarn for sure. It feels great, the colours are lovely and it is simply awesome. 😀 the other one is green with other colours mixed in it, but I’m not quite sure what to make with it yet ….

Since the posting has become quite long already, I’ll split here. Part II is following soon!

Take care, will you!

Julia 😀


10 thoughts on “A LOT OF WOOL and a lovely parcel! :)

  1. Gorgeous purchases! That Drachenwolle looks like it will make lovely socks!

    And happy birthday! Isn’t it nice when you get a little break to treat yourself?

    • Thank you! 😀
      Drachenwolle realy has gorgeous colours – the only downside is that you can’t throw it into the washing mashine at 30°C, it has to be handwash (I made one pair of socks with it already in another colourway and made that mistake – what was a great pitchblack is now gray …. *grrrrr*). But yesterday, I found a great pattern for my lavender cloud (I’ll show you soon!) and by now I’ve got enough socks to put them in wool wash, which is great.

      About the treats – I found it a bit hard, to be honest, because I had so much wool already (and it was a bit expensive!), but every once in a while, it’s okay. Especially, ’cause I earned it! :mrgreen:

    • It’s amazing, really. Even if you don’t own a wheel, I found it very interesting to read the articles about the history of spinning and to look at the different samples of differently spun fibre. I am still very, very new to spinning (and usually aim for a sturdy 2-ply yet, but my singles are very fine), but I’ll hope to improve over time. 😀

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  3. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I’m so glad it got to you safe and sound. And thanks for being SO patient. I have rarely had a chance to come up for air in the last few months. And this one is only a brief breath before I have to go back to classes…Looks like you completed a thesis too? I remember those days. Feels like I’m nearly back to that kind of situation now! :/ All work, no life, lol! I SO miss everyone on the blogs! This is the first one I got to visit so far and I’m suffering from stash envy already…I hope your holiday season is and continues to be fantastically full of yarn!

    • Thank you so, so much! I am sorry that I didn’t answer your e-mail, that was rude, but somehow, it was a bit stressful because of work, so I decided to put the bit about the magazine into the blogposting. 😀

      I am honoured that you picked this little space as a first peak after the long break. don’t stress yourself out too much! I’ve said a prayer for you so that you can enjoy your Christmas time (and pre-Christmas time) with your family and get some lovely time with fibre and yarn!!! 😀

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