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You get to choose! :)

Hi folks! 😀

I am so sorry, I know that I haven’t posted anything since the week before last … But in two weeks’ time, I have to hand my M.A. thesis. I’m starting to get pretty stressed out and (as this is often the case with academic writing) unsure whether my work is “good enough”. Luckily, everyone else is way more optimistic! 😀

I have knit a lot during the last few weeks because of all the stress, but I cannot decide what to write about first! So I thought, since you’re the ones who get to read it, it’s only right to let you choose! 😀

Simply vote for one of the following headlines and we’ll see what you get … the vote is open until Saturday evening. I hope, everyone’s okay with that.


I wish you a wonderful day and enough time to relax!

Lots of love,
Julia 😀


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