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Decisions, decisions … Help is appreciated!

Hi folks!

Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. Yarny stage

Sorry for the long absence, but last week wasn’t a good week to write a blog posting … Or to have contact with other human beings in general. 😉 I don’t know what happened, but I was in a really cranky mood. And when I say cranky, I mean cranky as in the Incredible Hulk. 😉 Maybe it’s the stress. I started editing my thesis this week and although I have four weeks left for everything, reading what I wrote makes me wonder if it’s all correct and if everything makes sense and if I understood the text correctly and blaaah……

I finished a lot recently, but I want to do a separate blog posting about it, I hope, everyone’s happy with that.

Now, since so much is finished (the Sockhead Hat for my sister has yet to be photographed and there is another pair of socks I’m close to finishing), there is a HUGE question hovering over my head now: What to knit next?

I thought I still had a shawl on the needles (this one, to be precise), but since it has sat in my knitting basket since April and I still don’t want to knit on it, I frogged it yesterday evening.

I was also knitting on a pair of socks in the »Harvest Dew« pattern that also took a trip to the frog pond. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pattern as such, I just wasn’t excited about it enough to get to the heel flap(!) and the thought of having to make the other one after finishing the first was enough to tell me this wouldn’t end well.

Now, what are my options?

I bought these needles today:

And, to be honest, this felt like a splurge, although each circs cost 6,49€ … The thing is, I have all these needle sizes in my stash – but in aluminium, not as wooden ones. And since I’ve been knitting with wooden needles for a long time now, everything else feels weird …

Right now, I still have a bit of time, since I’m knitting on my second sock, but I cannot decide between:

a) This Lace scarf. I want to knit this with my only Zauberball, but although the pattern is beautiful, I fear that I’ll get bored after 10 cm.

Simply beautiful  but the right yarn?

Simply beautiful but the right yarn?

b) the Buttermere Shawl. Man, I love that! I have this yarn in my stash that I hope would look gorgeous with it, and I want to knit with this yarn before I buy more from that dyer in October … But if I knit it up, then it will be gone …

isn't it lovely?

isn’t it lovely?

c) The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. I love this pattern, and I have bought wool for it (and the 5,0mm needle). But that’s the thing – I rarely knit with large needles. The wool is the wool in the picture on top of the posting. 😉

These are the shawls. On the other hand, I wonder whether it’s time to finally grew a pair (wow, THAT’D look weird!) and tackle a garment …. These are the options:

a) Avril in April. This would be the smart choice, since we’re heading into autumn. I have lovely brown wool in my stash, but somehow, I am still a bit undecided (mostly, because of the math that’s inquired to think about my size. I’ve got a 35″ bust (roughly), but somehow, I’m afraid that the sweater won’t fit …). Also, a garment means swatching, and it gets me all nervous and my gauge is OFF.

The brown is lighter and more beautiful in natural light. 😉

b) The Ballet Camisole. I certainly don’t do ballet. Never. I’d look like the proverbial bull in the china shop (in german, btw, the bull is an elephant), and although I dance and like it a lot, ballet … Anyway. I love the shaping. and somehow, I’m more drawn to it right now than to Avril. And I have more than enough yarn in my stash. But it’s a mix of cotton and linen aaaand …. erm … Yeah, I’d need to SWATCH …

I could also do some stashbusting, using a couple of patterns to clear up my stash before I buy new stuff, but Philipp advised me to »knit something for yourself again!«, so …. His hat would also be a fair option …

I know, these are true First World problems, regarding what’s happening in the world right now, but if anyone has any advice, it’s totally appreciated!

Love and hugs! Take care.

Julia 😀

4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions … Help is appreciated!

  1. i love the Buttermere Shawl best within the shawl section. And also love the yarn 🙂

    If you feel brave enough to go for the garment option, I have to say that both are lovely – Avril in April may be more usable in the season coming, while the Ballet Camisole looks not very warm for cooler times? On the other hand, the camisole would make for a quicker and easier knit!

    Enjoy your next project 🙂

    • Thank you so, so much! 😀

      Actually, I fell in love with the lace section of the Buttermere Shawl the first time I saw it – it IS definitely lovely. 😀 I wound the yarn into a ball a couple of months ago already (took me about 3 hours – I don’t own a ball winder), but I couldn’t take a decent picture of it tonight.

      About the garments – yeah, this is exactly my problem. The camisole feels easier right now (and is also more sexy), but a sweater like Avril is more of a sensible choice for sure. 😉

      Thanks so much for your input, it’s so nice to talk it over with others, if you’re not sure of something, don’t you think? 😀

      • You’re welcome! And you’re right, it’s nice to talk about things with others, for ideas and inputs 🙂

        I also have a soft spot for lace at the moment, so I totally understand your love for Buttermere lace!

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