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So proud

Wow. THAT was a busy day! Our local football club is playing this Friday, and people have been coming in for tickets since the day the new season started.

Also, a biggish music festival starts this Friday, so we’ve been selling a ton of tickets, too … I do love my job, but man, was I happy to sit down, eat a piece of almond chocolate and relax! 😉

I’ve been looking forward to this posting since last week, to be honest. But I put it off, because I wasn’t sure how to put my words right. So now, although I’m so tired and a bit worn-out, I’ll do my very best!

First of all, I have to say that I was inspired by a wonderful blog I stumbled across the WWW: http://pansneedles.com written by the very talented Angela.

Now, when I discover a new blog, I like to search for the very first entries and start reading at the beginning of the blog. I have the feeling that I get to know the blogger better, I can follow the learning curve, it’s fun to see how the skills develop over time and to see the progress in the knitter’s personality.

One thing that struck me while reading this blog was that Angela never feared to try something new. She was brave. She was adventurous. Be it socks, garments, Fair Isle – she tackled it and produced beautiful, beautiful items.

Now, on to me. I am not brave. I am certainly not adventurous. I am quite Hobbit-ish, to be honest. A bit of new stuff is okay, but please not too much, and please not too fast. I like what I know. Like Bilbo, I like the comfort of doing what I know I can. And, like Bilbo (or, later, Frodo), I sometimes cast a longing look towards the vast, unknown that lies before me and that bears the promise of new, exciting things.

But, just like the dwarves’ song wakes Bilbo’s sense for adventure, reading that blog woke up the wish to try something new. It inspired me so much that I finally thought: ›Why not? I want to try it. Let’s go for it!‹

Go for what?


I have been wanting to knit Fair Isle since I started knitting almost three years ago. But it always seemed complicated. I love Kate Davies’ designs, but I always put off trying one of them thinking: ›Maybe later …‹

Not this time, though! A pattern was easily chosen: Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts (ravelry link). Since I had seen them on Cassy’s blog knitthehellout, I had wanted to knit them.

I already had gray sock wool in my stash, and I decided to combine it with a deep red, because I love red; it is my favourite colour. I read a bit about colour dominance and decided that the gray would look best as a dominant colour.Then I grabbed my needles. I didn’t swatch, I just started.

And the mitts grew ….

And grew ….

And grew …

Until I bound off the very last stitch on Saturday.

The mitts fit. They are tight, but still comfortable. They are incredibly warm. The stitches are surprisingly even, and I learned to knit English style surprisingly fast.

The mittens are wonderful, beautiful, and made me feel that garments don’t need to frighten me anymore, now that I succeeded in knitting what I always found most complicated.

My gran loves them.
My guy admired them and was more than willing to take pictures of them.
Lots of lovely people commented on them on ravelry.

And me? I’m so fucking proud of myself. 😀

Thank you, Angela. 😉

P.S.: I’d also like to thank the members of the »Stranded« Group on ravelry who have cheered me on and supported me all the way through this project. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much.

P.P.S.: Project page on ravelry is here.

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