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Food Bank Knits 2013 (picture heavy!)

Hi There! 😀

How are you all? I hope everything is well in your part of the world!

Here, it has been insanely hot during the last two weeks – sometimes up to almost 40°C (not here, though)! But I had a nice time sitting in my cosy/hot flat, sweating as the temperature climbed up to 26°C (at 10 AM!) to 28°C (at 12 AM) to 30°C …. Hooray! 😉 Luckily, we’ve got some days with milder temperatures now, and I also think that we will all wait for summer soon enough!

Anyway, last Tuesday, I went of to my LYS to give away all my knits for the food bank. Do you want to take a look? Here we go! 😀

I. First things first: 7 little hats

Yes, you’ve read that correctly: Seven. Not five anymore. Apart from the Five Little Hats I showed you in this posting, I managed to finish two more: One of them is the navy blue one (yet another Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat (ravelry link!), the other one in gray is the Wide Ribby Hat pattern (ravelry link) that was modelled by my trustworthy little helper (he already modelled my North Sea Hat, remember?):

All the hats were made between January and June.

II. A matching set of Green


Yes, right, you saw the little green hat in the picture above already. 😉 This little cute cardigan is called Baby Blizzard (ravelry link) and I cast on for it right after I finished the Ashton Shawlette for my gran last November(!).

I just wanted to knit a small garment, something really, really easy and this was a nice project to learn how a raglan sweater is constructed and how to knit button holes. I took this to my grandparents a couple of weeks ago so my gran could teach me (again) how to sew buttons on … I like this combo a lot. 😀

III. The Magical Eye – bib!

YES, that is quite a fine example of “Pooling can ruin EVERYTHING”. So, before we all laugh about me, could we please just admire that beautifully sewed on red button for a moment? Yeah? Thank you. So, ON to ….

Just to assure you, if you can’t see anything on this picture, you don’t have to see the eye doctor, and there is nothing wrong with your ability to see 3D. 😉 Indeed, there is a BUTTERFLY! in the middle of the bib! (Aaahhh …) Yes, a butterfly.

As soon as I was knitting this bib up (again, I wanted to stashbust and needed a quick and small project), I was suspicious about the yarn-pattern combination. But, as the saying goes: Ignorance is Bliss!

So I happily ignored that the butterfly is only to be seen in the right light (maybe it’s not a butterfly. Maybe it’s a MOTH! AAAARGH!!!! HIDE YOUR STASH!!) until I had finished it. In my opinion, this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever knit, but maybe someone will be happy to receive it? Who knows … Oh, by the way, the bib itself is cute, you can have the ravelry link here. This one was also a November project.

IV. Dishcloths and potholders. I kid you not!

Yes, yes, indeed … I have knit dish-/ or wash cloths. I don’t know why, to be honest. Maybe I just needed it. We’ll start off with an animal again …

I do hope you can see the pictures better on this one! It resembles a cat, and I love the moss stitch border around it. I knit it in April with the intention of MAYBE giving it to my mum for her birthday … The pattern was written by Elaine Fitzpatrick who has created lots and lots of cute dish cloths and bibs. Check it out!

since the other wash clothes are not as cute (and because I don’t want to bore you to death), here is a group pictures of all four of them. The pink one was made from leftover Ashton Shawlette yarn, the little blue one wasn’t satisfied with swallowing up a butterfly (I mean, who can blame it …) and decided to devour another dishcloth pattern – oh, and the stunningly-so-ugly-it’s-gonna-be-cult one on the left was made from leftover cotton yarn I used for potholders. :mrgreen: All cloths were made in April (spring cleaning urge, maybe?)

V. And now, for the final bit: Three pairs of socks

Yes, yes, I know. You’ve all seen it before. 😉 That is most of them, right? I didn’t blog about the navy blue socks on the right (it may come off as black, but it is navy blue. Promise). these socks were a lot of fun and I probably could have made more, but I decided to be selfish and use my sock yarn for my Math Socks … 😉 Still, three pairs of socks is nice. 😀 These socks were made in May and June.

All together now!

All in all, that’s 16 projects handed in this year! I am pretty happy about it – and I do hope that every item meets someone’s taste and will keep a little head or a little pair of feet warm next winter.

By the way: This year, I decided to go “all professional” and make washing tags:

Actually, this was a teamwork project with Philipp (that’s my guy’s name. Finally revealed!). See this “do not tumble dry” symbol in purple? That was him – and he dutifully painted it on almost every single little piece of cardboard paper. 😉 He also cut out the tags!

Please also note (and applaud!) my hilarious attempts to draw a “do not iron!” symbol … But since I don’t iron my stuff, maybe this was something that could have been foreseen. :mrgreen:

Okay, guys, that’s all for today! Take care and see you soon

Julia 😀

P.S.: Just one little funny anecdote to end all this: As I was sewing on the washing tags, I had this great vision of me walking into the LYS and presenting my projects for the food bank. The shop assistants would be over the moon with joy (or so I imagined), praising everything (cough cough) as it came out of the bag and ….

And then I walked in and the shop assistant was busy helping some lady with a lace crochet project. She asked if I needed something and as I told her, yeah, I just wanted to ask whether they still needed the food bank knits (“why, yes!”), she told me: “Oh, that’s lovely! Just put the bag over here … Thank you so much!”. And that. was. IT.

I felt pretty stupid on my way out, but then, as I was walking to the subway station, I had to laugh so much about myself … And I still have to chuckle remembering this. Pride does indeed cometh before the fall … 😉


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