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More Socks I forgot about …

Hi there! :mrgreen:

Just as I had finished the last blog posting, I realised that I had forgotten to show you two more pairs of socks!!! DANG … 

Finishes #1: Down the Rabbit Hole

Yap, these are finally done! Although they are a wee bit tight for me, my mum already received them and was smitten. Since her feet are smaller than mine (about European Size 36/37) they fit her fine and as soon as she saw them, she was very delighted. Good thing since this was so much work!

Truth be told, I have no idea why these took me so long. The pattern truly isn’t difficult to tackle and the yarn is fine, but somehow … I don’t know. The pattern and me, that wasn’t a happily ever after. But of course, as soon as the socks were finished, I was wondering about buying the same yarn in another colourway and knitting them again … There really is something in me that wants to knit everything twice!

Finishes #2: Crazy Socks for me!


Yap, that’s the other pair I told you about in this posting – these socks are the bigger versions of the baby socks I showed you in that blog posting.

The story behind them is a funny one: A couple of months(!) ago, my gran and me talked about stashes and yarn acquisition, etc., during which she told me that she had a lot of yarn in plastic bags in a cupboard in the living room. I pointed to another little cupboard and told her: »There is wool in there as well!«, referring to an odd ball of sock yarn I had come across earlier. To cut a long story short, I was sent home with this:

(This is cableé yarn, a three-ply that now sits in my stash and is patiently waiting until I have time to knit it up into something)

Oh yeah, and this odd ball of sock yarn. Another fun fact is that I know this sock yarn. My gran already knit socks for me out of it, I’ve got two pairs that now have started to get holes because I’ve worn them so often …

I decided to knit from the toe up once more and produced these nice pair of socks!

I love them dearly, these may be the best fitted socks I have ever made for myself. 😀
That’s all guys! Take good care!
Julia 😀

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