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Socks for Granddad, Socks for Me

HI all!

It’s been a long time … again.

I am still writing on my MA thesis, next Monday (the 29th) marks the half point (two months) until my deadine. I finished reading the source yesterday, but I’m not worried about this, since I have already analysed quite a bit of it and have even revised the first drafts for my introduction, the Historical Background, Menius’ introduction, etc.

Finally, the summer has arrived here in my part of the world, it is hot and since my flat is directly under the roof and the house is a bit old, it gets very warm – I had already 29°C-30°C in here, which is about 84F-86F. A couple of days ago, however, my guy lend me a fan* I could place in the living room – it’s nice if you have a bit of air even if it is only 10am and already the temperature has climbed up to 79F! 😀 (*I hope this is the right word and I didn’t ricidule myself right now!)

I have also been knitting a lot (and doing other stuff), and I thought, I’d show you what I’m up to. 😀

First things first: The socks for my granddad are finished.

The wool hasn’t betrayed me, there was one knot in it which I cut out and then knit with the new piece (I am too lazy to do a Russian, felted of whatever join – I usually knit 5-10 stitches with both yarn ends, let the old one hanging and sew the ends in when I have finished). The socks knit up very fast, were a pleasure to knit and it was so satisfying to know that I won’t have to hurry because his birthday is the next week!

Last sunday, I finally had the time to ask my guy to model sock no. 1 (the second sock was finished yesterday evening, so no pictures yet!):

Now, this may look a bit odd, since it’s a man’s sock – but he had taken pictures of the socks for me and thus held the foot up. 😉 In my humble opinion, the contrast between the moss stitch heel flap and the ribbing on the foot and the leg looks very nice, and I am very, very happy that I managed to knit the ribbing even!

The moss stitch is something I am going to try for my next pair of simple socks, the edges are very neat and there weren’t any holes when I was picking up the stitches for the gusset. The pattern, by the way, is Kaitlyn Wong’s  »Mr. Pitt’s Socks« (pattern page) although I have to admit that I just shot it a glance, thought ›Good idea about the ribbing!‹ and then set to work. 😉 My granddad’s shoe size is 8/9, not 10.5.

Here is a more »traditional« picture … 😉 Yeah, yeah, very German foot here in the background … But my guy’s wearing slippers in the house, he doesn’t like to go barefoot. Unlike me. 😉 My guy, by the way, was surprised how comfortable the socks were – so far, he has always told me that handknit socks are too warm and maybe a bit too scratchy. But I certainly won’t rush him! 😉

The other pair of socks will be for me (Surprise! I seem to knit rarely for myself) and was an unexpected test knit made from this wool:

Isn’t it beautiful?!?  I remember I bought it on a cold and rainy day … I wasn’t feeling that great (I was having a bit of a »meh!« day) and when I spotted this at the LYS, I couldn’t leave the shop without it.

Usually, I am not one for these tropical colours (although I like them a lot, but I’m more likely to wear red), but these combination was truly beautiful and when I came home and looked the yarn up on ravelry, I swooned over the colours. 😀

Originally, I wanted to make a pair of mittens with them – but after having knit a shawlette out of another colourway of this wool (damn, I forgot to show you that!) I started to doubt that the mittens (which involved cables) were such a smart idea with that yarn.

And then, I joined the Free Pattern Testers Group on ravelry and stumbled across Liz Love’s Simply Simple pattern … WOOH-HOO!

I was a bit hesitant at first, because with my thesis going on, I certainly don’t need any self-made stress! But then I had a look at the pattern and tought I could do a sock – so on I went!

As I was starting the pattern, I had a feeling that this gotta be good …

Although I was knitting the sock with Magic Loop, because my two sets of DPNs were occupied …

And then, a couple of days later, I was DONE:

Now I have to tell you: this pattern is great. It is easy, very nice, has a moderate amount of stretch (I knit these with 64sts instead of 60sts, but I’ve knit a bit tighter lately, I don’t know why) and the pattern repeat is easy to memorize.

I am so in love with the first sock that I hurried to get the second one done! I am currently knitting the leg of the second sock and I can still remember the pattern repeat without any problems, although I waited a few days to cast on for the second sock because I wanted to finish my granddad’s first.

That’s all for today folks! I hope you like the pictures (a bit bigger for a change, eh? 😉 ) and the post as general. If I sound a bit tired – I am! But it’s only the heat. 😉 My guy just called to tell me that he won’t be over tonight, so I think I’ll knit some more and watch a girly movie (yeah, I have my moments, too. :mrgreen:).

See ya soon, folks! Bye!
Julia 😀


5 thoughts on “Socks for Granddad, Socks for Me

  1. I love your granddad’s socks, but those socks you are making for yourself made me swoon. I have a terrible weakness for green and blue together and I’m definitely head over heels in love. 🙂

    • Just yesterday, I saw the roving you’ve spun recently on ravelry (the bluegreen one) and was thinking: ›Ohhhh …. This is soooo pretty!‹ 😀 Thank you so much!
      Truth be told, I really enjoy knitting for myself … I feel selfish when I am doing it too often (stupid, I know!), but it’s just very rewarding and I am so happy to have more socks this winter. Definitely. I remembered that it’d be Socktober soon and I really want to participate! I’ll have time as well then … 😀

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