More Socks I forgot about …

Hi there! :mrgreen:

Just as I had finished the last blog posting, I realised that I had forgotten to show you two more pairs of socks!!! DANG …  Continue reading


Socks for Granddad, Socks for Me

HI all!

It’s been a long time … again.

I am still writing on my MA thesis, next Monday (the 29th) marks the half point (two months) until my deadine. I finished reading the source yesterday, but I’m not worried about this, since I have already analysed quite a bit of it and have even revised the first drafts for my introduction, the Historical Background, Menius’ introduction, etc.

Finally, the summer has arrived here in my part of the world, it is hot and since my flat is directly under the roof and the house is a bit old, it gets very warm – I had already 29°C-30°C in here, which is about 84F-86F. Continue reading