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Socks fit for the North Sea #1

Hi all!

I hope you all are well, looking forward to your soon-to-come weekend and the weather is better than here … It is raining and cold. Bah.

During the last few days, I made some progress on my thesis, although yesterday wasn’t the best day ever … I had a headache, I was tired and somehow it felt as if the day had slipped through my fingers the moment I got out of bed and I couldn’t get back on track with it … Do you know that feeling? So I »merely« read and analysed the first of seven articles that Menius now discusses.

This man amazes me to no end. Not only has he a very fine mind, but he also is … yeah … composed(?) enough to refrain from colourful language (which is very uncommon for writings at that time, especially when someone wrote about something he’d considered heretic).  Sure, there are polemic words spread throughout the text, but if you compare that to Luther’s or Muentzer’s writings, this text is an ode to objectivity. 😉 Plus, he is a great teacher! I would have loved being one of his students … Although, in that time, I would have been more likely the wife of one of his students. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you any more with that … On with the knitting news!

As I told you in my last posting, I had bought some wool (see above) to knit socks for my granddad. I had a look on ravelry as soon as I got home with the new wool, and the colourway looked a bit like Opal wool does: uni-coloured blocks, stripes, uni-coloured blocks, spots …

Well, as soon as I started the cuff, I realised that mine would look a bit different:

Camouflage for the sea! I decided to go on anyway and was able to finish the leg the day before yesterday:

The sock measures now 18 centimetres (from the cuff onwards) – I decided to make it a little longer, because my granddad shall wear the in winter time – and the North Sea isn’t known for its Mediterranean climate either. 😉 As you can see, the wool doesn’t stripe regularly, but to be totally honest, I love the way this looks – doesn’t it look exactly like a day at the beach? You have the water and the waves and little stones and a bit of sand … I love it.

The wool, by the way, is lovely to work with. The pattern, too, is very easy: You start with a k2,p2 for the cuff and then switch to a k3,p1 for the leg and the foot. I sat for two evenings, knitting away happily while listening to classical music … It was amazingly relaxing. 😀

For the heel flap, I decided to try something different and knit in moss stitch for the very first time:

The heel itself is now finished as well, that’s why it doesn’t lay flat. To be honest – I don’t know. Yes, I love the contrast between the striping of the ribbing and the »pebbles« created by the moss stitch (I was going for that look). Also, the edge on the heel flap is very neat, better than on my regular slip stitch heel … But I don’t know whether it will be comfortable enough or not. My guy has agreed to try them on this evening and then tell me whether I can keep it or better start frogging …

Keep your thumbs pressed for me, will you? I’ll keep you updated on this.

Okay – I’m off, starting to put my analysis into words … And catching up with some house work (HOORAY! NOT.) Take care everyone! See you soon.

Love,Julia 😀

5 thoughts on “Socks fit for the North Sea #1

    • Thank you so much! I completely agree with you: Stockinette stitch or ribbing is the best thing, also for highly variegated handpainted yarns. I can for the love of everything not understand why people take a blazing-the-eyes-colourful yarn to knit a very complicated pattern with it, complete with eyelets, cables(!!!) … For me, that’s just a waste of time and it spoils both the pattern and the yarn. End of rant. :mrgreen: Thank you also for your compliment on the heel flap! I’m quite optimistic about it … I want to. 😉

  1. Hi Julia, I always love to read how you are doing! The socks for your grandpa are very nice and Ilike the seed stitch heel flap a lot. I am eager to hear if your darling decides pro or con…
    I hope to meet you on saturday next week, I will be there no matter what. And remember that there is still an invitation waiting for you to come by and try our new wheel…
    LG Anna

    • Hi!!! WOW, that’s such a beautiful picture of yours! 😀 (For all the others: Anna (as you probably have by now guessed) is part of my knitting group – or rather: I’m part of HER’s, she’s being part of it a lot longer than me).

      My guy voted for pro, so I went on knitting and have amost finished the decreases for the foot! My grandparents are back from their holiday, too, so I asked my gran about my granddad’s foot length today …

      I’d LOVE to come by and try the wheel!!! I haven’t written yet, because I wasn’t sure when you go on holiday. 😉

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 😀
      Julia 😀

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