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The New Man in my Life … and other Random Stuff. ;)

HI there!!! 😀

It’s so good to be back, I’m sorry I took so long, but … yeah, you know me. I always have excuses. 😉 Since the last time I posted was over a month(?) ago, I thought I’d pop in and give you some random updates …


This man will be with me every day for the next four months. 😀

It’s official: I have started my MA thesis. Yay! In fact, I handed this official paper thingie which tells the university what topic you want to write about at May 29, so I have to hand in my thesis on the 30th of September (the 29th a Sunday). I want to try and hand it in on the Friday before, though … we’ll see if I can do that. For those of you who don’t know (that should be everyone I think) – I am writing about one of the Lutheran Reformers, Justus Menius, and his writings against the Anabaptists.

My B.A. thesis was about the Anabaptist Kingdom of Munster and this is such an interesting, fascinating topic! I had written a paper on Menius’ opinion about how a Christian household should be, and got the best mark possible (bragging, I know, I don’t mean to, but I’m just so happy about that!) and was over the moon with joy when my professor told me, I should have a go on Menius’ writings about Anabaptism.

So far, it’s going great: The topic is right up my street, I am so happy to work on it and I have tried to do something every day. Until now, I’ve got 18 pages(!) of first drafts, I have to hand in 80, so that’s almost a quarter of it done! I write and I read and I do research and I really, really wonder why I ever doubted that Church History is my thing and something I really want to do. I’ll stop now. Promise.

Okay… What else is there to tell you? Ohhh, yes!!

Random Stuff #1: A Knitting Comic! Must read!! I love comics. Webcomics in particular at the moment. I read a couple of them (If you are interested, I can make a list) and it is a great way to start my day: Sipping on my first cup of tea and looking at the great work of others. 😀 This one is for you: Worsted for Wear. It is a truly, truly charming webcomic, really well drawn, lots of inside jokes for knitters and crocheters (and their partners) alike and it really shares the joy of yarn and knitting and everything that comes with it. The characters are developed with a lot of depth and it is simply awesome. Go check it out! 😀

Random Stuff #2: A Little New Friend in Green!

While reading this webcomic, I got all enthusiastic about crocheting amigurumi again. Remember Kramme Ugler? After this adventure I didn’t want to pick up my crochet hook for some months … But then I saw a very special pattern, and so I proudly present you …:


The first time I encountered »Cut the Rope« was on TV when they were talking about some fun game apps. I don’t own a smart phone (and don’t plan on getting one, I simply don’t see the point), but as soon as I saw this little guy, I was smitten.

By the way – I truly ›proudly present‹. I was feeling a bit like in »Coraline« as I was stitching the eyes on, but I am so proud that I did that right and that I even could do a small French Knot Stitch in black so he can look where the candy is … I still have to stitch the mouth and the teeth on, I’m a little bit nervous about that. We’ll see. 😀

There is a lot more to show you, to be honest and I’ll try and get it up here as soon as possible … But now the days are getting very warm, which means that it can be up to 26°C (and more!) in my flat, and since I try to get up early and work on my thesis before all I can do is sweating, I don’t know how fast this will be. But I’ll do my best!

Love ya all. Take care! 😀


12 thoughts on “The New Man in my Life … and other Random Stuff. ;)

  1. Oh you totally have the right to brag, I almost printed my BA thesis out just so that I could hug it. I find most subjects in history/philosophy to be completely incomprehensible past the general story, so I just stick to science and let super smart people like you be in charge of it.

    You asked how I estimated length. The way I do it is probably not very accurate and likely underestimates the actual length. I have a niddy noddy, so I just wrapped some yarn around it once (forming one circle of the skein) and measured that. After I skein up my yarn on there I just count the number of times it wrapped around and multiplied that number by the length I got. Not too tricky!

    • thanks so much for your answer about estimating length! Yeah, that sound like what my boyfriend suggested when we did this for the very first time … I don’t own a niddy noddy, so he (being the wonderful guy that he is) holds out his hands and I wrap the yarn around his fingers. We then count the “rounds” and measure one half of the round, take that per two and that’s it … It sounds logical now, but when I first asked him whether he had any ideas how to do that and he came up with it, I was really looking like Harry Potter when he found out that he’s a wizard. :mrgreen:

      Which is, btw, my view of everybody who is able to do this (in my opinion) highly complicated work in laboratories or with physics or (like my guy) eletrical engineering … There is so much stuff that you folks can do that I simply cannot wrap my head around. A couple of weeks ago I first had a chance to see how a 3D printer works … It’s magic!

      To be completely honest, I DID have some phases in which I was desperate because I really thought that what I do has nothing to do with academic work at all … Because all I am able to do is read a fucking text and then afterwards tell you what it’s about. The only special thing about me was that I can read pretty fast. Took me a while to realise again that there is also a bit more to it. 😉

      Therefore: Let’s all work together and make the world a better place – us folks from the Humanities by digging out stuff from the past and trying to explain it and you folks from the labs and the (natural) science departments by learning how this world functions and how to deal with the bad stuff, like diseases, etc. 😀

  2. Congrats on the top marks and being in the throes of thesis writing. As one religious history nerd to another I can hardly contain my excitement over your topic (okay I know my nerd is showing now.) I wish you the very best of luck in all your writing. In terms of updates you can get to them when you can. Keep up the great work and congrats again.

    • Thank you so, so much! It’s glad that I now know another person who shares my passion for this kind of work – my guy will probably hang me upside down from a tree by the end of September because I am not.shutting.up about that topic. :mrgreen:

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