Socks fit for the North Sea #1

Hi all!

I hope you all are well, looking forward to your soon-to-come weekend and the weather is better than here … It is raining and cold. Bah. Continue reading


Something Small

Hi all! 😀

Thank you so much for your comments on the last posting, I’m glad you didn’t mind me bragging off and that Om Nom was popular as well!

I just wanted to show you a new little something I have made for the food bank – more is waiting to be photographed! Continue reading

The New Man in my Life … and other Random Stuff. ;)

HI there!!! 😀

It’s so good to be back, I’m sorry I took so long, but … yeah, you know me. I always have excuses. 😉 Since the last time I posted was over a month(?) ago, I thought I’d pop in and give you some random updates …


This man will be with me every day for the next four months. 😀

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