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Entering the Pinkish-Phase: Little Flowers for Little M.

Hi folks! 😀

»Heeere we go« was exactly what I thought when my SiL told me that Little M. has now officially entered the »pinkish phase«.

Almost everyone who has a little girl as a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter or whathaveyou will know this phase: Its symptoms are a really great affection for Barbie dolls, a total obsession with pink in all shades and a great interest in being »pretty« … I don’t want to go into the gender-related stuff here, but all I can say is: I hate pink. I skipped that phase, I was the kid who played with Lego and loved books and listening to stories on my recorder and loved to draw … But Barbie, as well as any interest in my mum’s makeup totally escaped me.

While we haven’t encountered Barbie yet, we do have made the acquaintance of the little Filly horses. Do you know them? Filly horses come in all shades of pink and violet as well as in turquoise and pastel tones, sport names like »Harmony«, »Storm«, »Lovely« and live in a world in which places are called »Isle of Happiness« and the rivers running through it have the colours of rainbows.

Filly Land can only be entered by little girls of at least three years. The only chance to get into Filly Land as an adult is to pop a lot of multi-coloured pills or smoke a lot of dope. (I guess).

Anyway, while I was knitting away on A.’s socks in February,  I asked Little M. whether she would like another pair of socks. The answer was an immediate »Yes!« and when I asked her for the colour I should knit the socks in, the answer was an immediate »Pink!«. Ah, bugger.

To be completely honest, I wondered for a bit whether I should change that and knit her something in a rose tone (or purple). But then I thought: ›Oh, come on. If she had told you she wanted her socks in green or blue or yellow or Idontknowwhat, you wouldn’t have made a fuss either. It will pass … Hopefully …‹

So, pink it was.

While I was at it, I decided to jump right in and purchased the brightest pink wool I could get my hands on. This is classic sock wool of Wolle Roedel, where I buy a lot of yarns. It comes in many colours and is only 2.99€ for a ball of 50 grams. Picking a pattern was easy: I had already come across the »Socks for Little Witches« by Ann Kingstone and since Little M. has now feet of European size 28, I thought that she could receive her first patterned socks.

The socks are very easy to knit and very fast – as you can see (I put them on my hand for this photo) you knit little flowers or diamond-like shapes into both the leg and the foot. The instructions are dead easy to follow, very clear and the pattern is both interesting and easy to memorize. It took me three days to knit these, and I had a lot of fun. The project page is here. She will probably get them today, I can’t wait to see her reaction … My only concern is now that the socks will be too short on the foot.

Keep your thumbs pressed, will you? 😉


7 thoughts on “Entering the Pinkish-Phase: Little Flowers for Little M.

  1. That is a truly blinding shade of pink, bravo. She is going to love them! I’ve never heard of Frilly Horses, it sounds like My Little Pony? On a side note, did you know there is a subset of adult men who are fans of My Little Pony? It is very strange. I was totally the same kind of kid as you, I liked playing with cars.

  2. That looks so cute! I have a skein of Pink (and I mean Pink like the Pink of these socks you’ve knitted) and I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it for myself! And when I bought them, I meant to make them into socks. I’m like you, Pink is not my fav colour (not anymore) so the yarn’s just sitting there and we’re having a staring contest.

    • Thank you! 😀

      Yeah I know what you mean about the staring contest … My gran gave me a bit of her wool last time I was there and although I love the colour (blue), I have no clue what to make with it and couldn’t find an appropriate pattern … But usually, I sit in front of the beautiful yarn, being afraid to use it because then it will be gone … And this is probably more stupid than anything else.

      • Haa…at least you love the colour of the wool your gran gave you. I not a fan of pink and the skein was of a mid price range…at the moment it’s winning the contest but I won’t let it win all the way through 😀

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