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Stashbusting #1: Do the Math!

One of my resolutions for this year was to knit a lot from my stash. My ravelry stash page counts 57 entries (including the fibre), and although I know that this is nothing compared to the huge stash of others, I do feel that I have a lot of yarn. 😉

When I buy wool, I have a rule of thumb: Usually not more than eight or nine Euro for a ball. This excludes most of the Opal yarns, but the Lana Grossa wool is in that range, and I love it a lot. More expensive yarn is something that I buy on extraordinary occasions, or put on my birthday/Christmas wish list.

Another resolutions for this year was to knit more for myself. Currently, I have 50 projects on my page (not counting the two I frogged) and these consist of 11 charity knits, 20 gifts and 6 things I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. That makes 37 knit and crocheted objects that were not for me (just to keep track: 50-34 equals 13, so I have made 13 things for me, mostly socks). That’s less than half of it. It is just a quarter).

Because of this, and because I wanted to empty the little box where I keep my »leftovers«, I decided to follow the method of a fellow raveler of the »RestEnd« group on ravelry. Heidi1965 has a method which creates, as she calls it »Mathe Socken« (»Math Socks« in English). For this, you take a couple of your leftover sockyarn and put it on a scale.


You need approximately 100g. Then you calculate the percentage of the yarn. So let’s say, you have four leftovers of yarn.
Colour A: 25g
Colour B: 15gColour C: 37g
Colour D: 23g

This would be exactly 100g. So A is 25%, B 15%, C 37% and D 23%. Now you take a number (any number! A small one.) and multiply your colours with them. You round either up to the next number, or down. Let’s say, we multiply with 3:

Colour A: 2,5×3 = 7,5 –> 8 rounds
Colour B: 1,5×3 = 4,5 –> 5 rounds
Colour C: 3,7×3 = 11,1 –> 11 rounds
Colour D: 2,3×3 = 6,9 –> 7 rounds

And now you line the colours up a certain way and start knitting for the calculated rounds, changing when you have knit enough of one colour.

It really works! And thus, this little array of yarn I showed you above became this:

I still have leftovers from every ball – and grey sock wool. I’m gonna make a the  Sockhead Hat next, I think …

But, yeah, these are my Math Socks. I’m so proud of them.

Until next time, folks! Take care. 😀



7 thoughts on “Stashbusting #1: Do the Math!

  1. Math socks! What a fantastic idea! Sometimes I enjoy scrap yarn projects more than projects with new yarn. Your socks look fantastic, the fact that you have excellent taste in color definitely helps!

    • Thank you so, so much!!! This really made me blush. 😉 However, when it comes to colour, I am afraid I cannot take that compliment – I’ve used Lana Grossa Fantasy, Opal Harry Potter (Lupin colourway) and the green wool is Lana Grossa Champion. The only thing I can claim is that I decided to use these three scraps together. :mrgreen:

      Originally, I had tons of baby clothes (mostly hats) in my queue for this yarn, but now I am really, really happy that I decided to make something for myself. 😀

    • Thank you so much! I especially like that you can use up even very small scraps of yarn that would be almost lost otherwise … try it out, it works wonders! 🙂 (Plus, you can destash a lot at the same time) :mrgreen:

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